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2.1lb Counterweight for EQ-1 & Min-EQ Mounts

2.1lb Counterweight for EQ-1 & Min-EQ Mounts
Price:  £29.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  O07398
Manufacturer:  Orion USA

  •     Small 2.1lb counterweight for proper balancing of lighter loads on the EQ-1 or Min-EQ equatorial mounts
  •     Narrow weight diameter eliminates contact with EQ-1M motor drive, allowing full rotation of the Right Ascension axis
  •     Ideal for balancing relatively lightweight DSLR camera and lens combinations on the EQ1 and/or Min-EQ equatorial mounts
  •     Counterweight measures 46mm (1.8") in diameter and 85mm (3.35") in length


    The 2.1lb counterweight for the EQ-1 and Min-EQ equatorial mounts lets you take full advantage of the equatorial mount's tracking abilities, even when you have a small amount of equipment attached.

    Ideal for use with smaller equipment payloads such as a DSLR camera or small telescope, the narrow 2.1lb counterweight will not make contact with the EQ-1M motor drive housing during extensive motorized tracking of celestial objects. If you are, for example, performing wide-field astrophotography using a DSLR camera and a wide camera lens, this narrow counterweight provides enough weight to balance the DLSR properly on the equatorial mount, and it won't interfere with the EQ-1M motor drive housing while tracking.    

    Many standard 5lb and heavier counterweights are too heavy to achieve proper balance with lighter equipment payloads on an equatorial mount. In most cases you must position the heavy counterweight all the way up the counterweight shaft to optimize balance. In this position, the standard wide counterweight can make contact with the EQ-1M motor drive, making it impossible to track an object for extended periods of time. This narrow 2.1lb counterweight is perfect for achieving proper balance with lighter equipment, and its narrow 46mm (1.8") diameter will not make contact with the EQ-1M motor drive, no matter what the orientation is of the Right Ascension axis. Now you can track celestial objects all night long without having to worry!

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