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APM LZOS ED 304mm F3600 APO Refractor Telescope

APM LZOS ED 304mm F3600 APO Refractor Telescope
Price:  £159,000.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  LZOS-304-3600-T-CNC-3.5FT
Manufacturer:  APM-LZOS

The first tube was designed and manufactured by our artist, Matthias Wirth, in cooperation with APM Telescopes.

The tubes are made in Germany with non-compromising mechanical quality. The dew cap slides smoothly over the tube without producing any paint scratches. The focuser is a full 3.5" size. It rotates smoothly and with zero image shift. This zero shift rotation is very important when your camera has already achieved its best focus and you would like to rotate it to the best position. The finder bracket has a quick exchange style screw system and is mounted on the rotatable focuser, which allows focuser rotation to bring the finder scope to the most comfortable observing position. The focuser comes with large anodized focuser knobs and moves extremely smooth when racking. The focuser comes with a screwed on 3.5" / 2" adapter and an 2" / 1 1/4" clamp ring style adapter to protect your eyepieces and diagonals from scratches.

The tube rings are flat on both sides and offer five tapped 1/4 inch holes perpendicular to the tube line with one centered. The middle two hole's center to center spacing is  2.362" and outer two hole's spacing is 3.2" (Astro-Physics standard).

Customers should suggest their own unique wishes regarding the tube's construction - we will accommodate them to the extent possible.

Delivered With Order:

  •     Optical tube
  •     3.5" Starlight focuser
  •     Set CNC tube rings
  •     2" extension 80 mm long
  •     2"/1.25" adapter
  •     50mm finder bracket

Type of telescope:
3-element SuperED Apo Refractor
3-element SuperED
Tube material:
304 mm
Focal ratio:
Focal length:
3600 mm
Limit value:
14.2 mag
Max. useful visual power:
600 x
220 mm
3.5" Starlight Feather Touch, 360¶ø rotatable
Connection to eyepiece:
3.5" to 2" and 2" to 1 1/4"
Bracket for 50 mm Viewfinder, Viewfinder optional
Width of tuberings:
2 Tuberings
Threads in tuberings:
1/4" 5 x
Distance of threads:
centric, 2.362" and 3.2" distance
Tube weight:
ca. 176 lb
Included accessories:
Adapter 3.5"/2" and 2"/1 1/4" with Brass Clamp, 2" Extension 80 mm, Tubering Set, Certificate, Dustcaps, 2 Steelrails with 4 magnetic Balancing Weights
Eyepiece adapter:

to 2" and 1.25"

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