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Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2" Crayford Focuser

Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2'' Crayford Focuser
Price:  £385.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  SW102ACR
Manufacturer:  Altair Astro
Telescope Type:  Refractor Telescope
Aperture (mm):  102 mm

Altair Astro

Achromats have enjoyed a revival amongst refractor enthusiasts for general visual observing. The Starwave 102mm F11 employs a well figured, well mounted Achromat lens with very good anti-reflection coatings.
Optical charateristics: The Starwave TM 102 F11 Achromat refractor sports hand figured optics at a long F11 focal ratio. 102mm (4") of aperture gives about 62% more light grasp than an 80mm refractor. The optics are optimised in green light which is the wavelength most visible to the human eye. This, and the long focal length of 1120mm provides a much better level of colour correction and contrast than the more common short focal ratio achromat refractors. Field curvature (a feature of all refractors) is for all intents and purposes invisible at this focal ratio and deep-sky observing is a treat. Planetary images are crisp and sharp with relatively high magnification afforded by the long focal length which means you can use larger long eye relief eyepieces. Solar observing with a filter is also very rewarding at this unobstructed focal length.
Optical tube assembly: The internally baffled aluminium tube achieves thermal equilibrium quickly, minimising the formation of tube currents, and permits the use of Kendrick Dew Control System heaters. The 2" rotating Dual-Speed Crayford focuser has a smooth action, with a tension-adjuster on the underside. A 250mm Vixen/Synta-format dovetail bar is supplied together with CNC machined tube rings. A finder mounting bracket is included mounted on the focuser, compatible with most finder scopes including the Altair 60mm Deluxe Finder Scope.

Recommended primarily for planetary, solar and lunar observation, the Starwave TM 102 Achromat also offers a  pleasant high-contrast view of deep sky objects. Colour aberration is lower at F11, whilst the CNC machined tube construction and lens quality is better than the cheap achromats flooding the market these days. Recommended for refractor fans who want a well made achromat with modern optical coatings and a smooth dual speed Crayford focuser. The longer tube gives the Starwave TM 102 F11 Achromat that classic look too. Call it a retro revival if you will!


Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Specifications:

  • 102mm F11 Achromat doublet with full multicoatings on all surfaces.
  • 2" 360¶ø rotating Crayford focuser.
  • Weight incl. Rings & Dovetail bar: 4.6kg (10lbs 4 ozs)
  • OTA Length (dewshield retracted): 1 metre (39")
  • OTA Length (dewshield extended): 1.2 metre (47")
  • Compatible with Altair Astro 60mm Finder Scope, and Universal Finder Bracket (via 2x M4 threaded holes on focuser).


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