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Takahashi FS-60CB (OTA), tube complete

Takahashi FS-60CB (OTA), tube complete
Price:  £915.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  TSK06200
Manufacturer:  Takahashi


The Takahashi FS-60CB apochromatic refractor is the itinerant telescope par excellence. It features exceptional optical and mechanichal qualities (objective with Fluorite doublet) and an incredible compact design. All Takahashi is in it.

Its great versatility will charm all the observers. It can easily be used for the visual observation, as well as astronomical or terrestrial. For the photographers, it is transformed into wide field astrograph or guiding scope. For this last function, Takahashi proposes even an optional specific parallel support, the TGM.

Apochromatic objective with Fluorite doublet
Its first quality comes from its apochromatic objective with Fluorite doublet of 60mm of aperture, as good as refractors with higher diameter. The FS-60 will astonish more than one purist. When one knows what one can obtain from an excellent short focal length optic (F=355mm, F/D 5,9) in imaging, we immediately understand all the advantage of this small compact and transportable telescope.

Exceptional mechanics
Excellent Takahashi mechanics propels the FS-60CB at the top of the refractors of this category. Its tighted rack-and-pinion focuser is designed for astrophotography and CCD imaging. A thumb screw maintains the focuser in position whatever the direction of pointing is.

Versatility and performances
Light and compact, the FS-60CB can be easily change into planetary telescope or wide field CCD imager or auxiliary instrument for guiding, and this, thanks to a vast range of accessories.


Spot diagrams
The spot-diagrams of the FS-60CB show the excellent chromatic correction at prime focus, ensured by the the Fluorite doublet, and the good behavior of the diffraction pattern, including at 14mm off-axis distance. We will note also the important role of the flattener for a wide-field photographic use. It allows the use without restriction of the most recent DSR/DSLR or CCD cameras.


Takahashi FS-60CB (OTA), tube only, with 31.75mm adapter


Takahashi FS-60CB (OTA), tube complete
Delivered with :

  • FS-60CB OTA with 31.75mm adapter
  • Finder 6x30
  • Finder bracket
  • Tube holder
Optical designFluorite Doublet
Optical mountingAir spaced (Fluorite in front)
Optical coatingsFully Multi-Coated
Focal length355mm
Focal ratioF/5.9
Limiting magnitude10.7
Light grasp73x
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length162.0mm
With flattener
Focal length374mm
Focal ratioF/6.2
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length56mm
With focal reducer
Focal length264mm
Focal ratioF/4.4
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length56mm
With C2X Extender
Focal length710mm
Focal ratioF/11.8
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA


Tube length440mm
Tube diameter / with dew tube80mm / 80mm
Tube weight1.3kg

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