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Altair 80mm Maxi-Finder Finder Scope Package

Altair 80mm Maxi-Finder Finder Scope Package
Price:  £199.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  MAXI-80-FINDER-PACK1
Manufacturer:  Altair Astro

Altair Astro

The Altair Maxi Finder will suit customers who want even more aperture to see fainter objects in their finder scope. 

The 80mm optics will drink in those photons offering 2.56x more surface area than a 50mm guide scope with a corresponding increase in brightness.

In fact the Altair 80mm Finder Scope is a mini-telescope in it's own right, with the advantages of being light weight at about 1.2kg, and having a short optical tube about a foot in length.

This is no cheap plastic optical tube with wobbly rack and pinion focuser or a plastic lens cell. Instead you get a machined aluminium tube with a nice finish and the Altair logo engraved on the dewshield. The eyepiece is a good quality unit with independently focusing reticule and illuminator port. The contrast is very good due to matte black internal surfaces and a fully multicoated objective lens.

A right angled star diagonal prism is included with a 1.25" helical focuser. If you want to use the guide scope for straight through viewing with a 1.25" eyepiece, or autoguiding with a guide camera, you can add the 1.25" Lockable Auto-guider Focuser Adapter. This is a very good price for a very versatile system.

The Altair Maxiguider 80 Finder Scope Package consists of the following:

  • 80mm F4.1 multicoated achromat lens in an all-metal optical tube assembly with dew-shield and objective cap. (328mm focal length).
  • 23mm 1.25" illuminated reticule eyepiece.
  • a 1.25" image erecting prism diagonal with full multicoatings and helical focuser, allowing use of  most 1.25" eyepieces.
  • Reticule illuminator with a variable brightness red LED to fit the eyepiece.
  • Tube rings with 6x Nylon tipped screws, and a robust CNC machined finder bracket.
  • Altair Universal finder base with two clamping screws (also available separately to use your finder with more scopes).
  • A sturdy cardboard box with shaped foam inserts to protect your tinder scope when not in use.
  • Optional: Straight-Through 1.25" Lockable Auto-guider Focuser with 3x clamping screws. Can be used for autoguiding or straight-through use with a 1.25" eyepiece. (See detailed images for more info).

Dimensions & weights

  • OTA length without focuser or diagonal: 312mm
  • OTA diameter: 84.5mm
  • Dewshield diameter: 90mm
  • Weight optical tube only: approx. 0.9kg
  • Rings & hardware weight: approx. 0.3kg

Q: Can I autoguide with the 1.25" or 2" helical focuser, or do I really need the optional locking straight-through focuser? A: You can try but we wouldn't recommend it. The 2" or 1.25" helical focuser is not rigid enough for autoguiding and the focus can drift because it doesn't have a lock. It's more than enough for visual use however. 

Q: Why should I buy this all-metal guidescope instead of a plastic one with rack and pinion focuser? A: Metal bodied scopes can accept dew heaters (this one works with the Kendrick 3" heater) and transmit heat to the optics. Plastic is an insulator and can cause problems with dew control. What's more, the focusers on cheap scopes aren't up to the job of holding a guide star steady on a guide camera with 3-5 micron pixels. That's why we at Altair invented the locking guide scope straight-through adapter.

Q: Are the default finder scope rings strong enough for autoguiding? A: Yes they are, however only up to about 700mm focal length on the main scope. If you have a longer focal length imaging scope then you should buy the Altair Astro CNC machined guidescope rings and 80mm OTA package we offer. This is the ultimate guidescope package for imaging up to 2 metres focal length and probably beyond. Customers keep sending us good results at longer focal lengths and guiding quality has a lot to do with mount, hardware, camera, software, computer, cabling, and so-on - so we can't quote an exact focal length limit.

Dimensions & weights

  • OTA length without focuser or diagonal: 312mm
  • OTA diameter: 84.5mm
  • Dewshield diameter: 90mm
  • Weight optical tube only: approx. 0.9kg
  • Rings & hardware weight: approx. 0.3kg

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