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Altair Hypercam 183 PRO 20mp Astronomy Imaging Camera

Altair Hypercam 183 PRO 20mp Astronomy Imaging Camera
Price:  £550.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Colour or Monochrome:  

Product Code:  AA183CPRO
Manufacturer:  Altair Astro

Altair Astro

The Hypercam 183C Colour camera is the thinkers' alternative to a DSLR camera when it comes to astro-imaging.
It has a 20mp Sony IMX183 sensor, featuring amp glow reduction and high sensitivity for extremely smooth, detailed images. 

The IMX183 is one of the most sensitive Back Side Illuminated BSI sensors available, with very low read noise, suitable for both deepsky and solar system imaging with ROI.

The PRO Version has the following features:
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM Memory Buffer for better performance with mini-PCs
  • Temperature sensor, with data available in realtime
  • ROI (Region of Interest) for cropped higher speed solar, lunar and planetary imaging.
  • 4K Mode (cropped).
  • Binning.
  • Amp glow reduction.
  • Fan-cooled on-sensor internal heatsink, powered though USB cable, so NO separate 12v power supply required.

Easier than a DSLR and no "astro modding" required: Hypercam is much easier to use and focus than a DSLR, thanks to the live preview mode which shows uncompressed video at full resolution. You can see a tiny star-point clearly in real-time, because there is no video compression like with a DSLR video stream. Unlike a DSLR, there's no need to modify your camera to capture detail in red hydrogen wavelengths, because it has no red blocking filter in the way. There are no clumsy power connectors which drop out easily, no firmware to fight with your software, no mirror to lock up, and a "true" uncompressed RAW mode output. You get exactly what this Sony sensor "sees" from without alterations.

Low read noise. The Sony IMX183 CMOS sensor has very low read noise, wide dynamic range, and high sensitivity. The IMX183 ExmorR rated Back Illuminated Sensor has high-sensitivty, low dark current, no smear, and excellent anti-blooming charateristics. BSI technology moves the sensor circuitry behind the pixel, so unlike conventional sensors the light path is not blocked, resulting in higher quantum efficiency than a CCD sensor.
Great for refractors. With a pixel size of 2.4um, and an active imaging area of 13 x 9mm, the Hypercam IMX183C performs extremely well an Altair refractor, with or without a focal reducer.

4GB DDR3 RAM: The Hypercam PRO series also has an unprecedented 4GB on-board frame buffer to improve data transfer stability at high frame rates (to reduce dropped frames) and to increase compatibility with a wider range of PCs. The improved buffers give a more consistent data transfer rate over USB2.0 and USB3.0 allowing longer imaging sequences with small notebooks, stick PCs, or mini-PCs. 

Low read noise BSI sensor. The Sony IMX183 CMOS sensor is ExmorR rated, and Back Illuminated (BSI). BSI technology moves the sensor circuitry behind the pixel, so unlike conventional sensors the light path is not blocked, resulting in higher quantum efficiency than a traditional CCD sensor. Read noise is low, and there is no smear or “blooming” on bright stars.

Try deep-sky "lucky" imaging. The low read noise let’s you stack shorter exposures to take advantage of the low read noise, reducing atmospheric aberrations and tracking errors or wind vibration. The more frames you stack, the smoother the image becomes, and the higher the cumulative dynamic range. In this way, long cumulative exposure times of many hours can be achieved with modest equipment. The result is a smoother, sharper image with more detail.

Video Astronomy/EAA Friendly. The Hypercam IMX183 sensor is not only desirable for Deepsky Imaging - it's also great for Video Astronomy or "EAA" Electronically Assisted Astronomy. All thanks to the 20mp resolution, high sensitivity, and amp glow reduction technology. What's more you can use the Live Stacking features in the AltairCapture software or SharpCap PRO. All-sky time-lapse imaging or video is easy with a DSLR lens and optional Hypercam Lens Adapters.


ALTAIRH183C: SONY Exmor R BSI IMX183 Color CMOS sensor
Sensor Size: 1" diagonal (15.86mm)
Exposure duration shortest/longest: 0.264 ms (0.000264 secs) / 5 secs (Video Mode)
0.264 ms (0.000264 secs) / 1000 secs (Trigger Mode)
Bit depth: 8bit & 12bit mode switchable
Pixel size microns: 2.4 x 2.4 um
Resolution in pixels: 5440x3648
Recording System: Still Picture and Video
Region of Interest (ROI) support: Unavailable
Approx. Max frame rates (assuming computer Bus operating at full bandwidth)*:
8bit mode:
5440x3648 17.5FPS
2736x1824 50FPS
1824x1216 60FPS
12bit mode:
Approx. 60% ~98% of above
* Based on average user reports. May be revised as we get more data. The shorter the exposure duration, the faster the frame rate. An expensive PC does not guarantee a fast frame rate because PC bus and main board architecture vary.
Sensor QE / Quantum Efficiency: approx. 84%
Readout: Progressive Scan
Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter


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