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Tele Vue Filters

Mars & Planetary Filters. Contrast enhancing filters specifically designed for viewing the outer planets.

Tele Vue offers contrast enhancing filters specifically designed for viewing Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Why multiple filters? Traditionally, standard colored filters have been used to bring out detail on the planet's surface. The main drawback is the artificial color imposed on all planetary features. These complex filter designs are made possible by Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) technology.

Bandmate™ Mars Type-B Filters
The Bandmate™ Mars Type-B filter is a high efficiency, single band dielectric coating that achieves penetrating views of the Martian surface. The surface appearance is similar to that of the popular #21 filter. However, the Type-B features a broadband anti-reflection coating on one side and filter coating on the other that makes it far more efficient.

Bandmate™ Planetary Filters
We all know you can't have your cake and eat it too, but the Bandmate™ Planetary filter lets you at least have a good taste! The Planetary is a dual band filter with different dielectric coatings on each side of the substrate. The effect is to enhance detail while maintaining a more neutral color balance that particularly enhances viewing Jupiter and Saturn.

Features of Tele Vue Bandmate™ Filters

  • Optical grade BK7 glass to insure no image degradation due to the substrate.
  • Ion beam deposition of the coatings produces hard, stable coatings to reduce changes due to temperature and humidity.
  • Dielectric filter for high transmission and blocking of unwanted wavelengths provide high contrast images.
  • Aluminum filter cells precision machined and laser etched.

Nebula Filters. Optical glass and red filtering allows for sharp and bright views of nebulae with embedded star clusters.

Bandmate™ filters yield bright, sharp and contrasty images — even in the optically sensitive position in front of the diagonal. Optical quality ground and polished BK-7 substrate means no loss of sharpness - even when used in front of mirror diagonals. These complex filter designs are made possible by Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) technology.

As part of our 100% quality control, every single filter is checked optically and cosmetically to assure performance. Every filter is individually serialized.

Bandmate™ NebuStar™ Filter
High-performance, dielectric, squarewave "UHC" type general purpose narrow-band filter great for all nebulae types and instrument sizes.

  • Red blocking allows brighter, sharper star images not plagued with red fringing seen on most filters of this type.
  • Highest transmission in critical bands

Bandmate™ OIII Filter
This OIII filter particularly enhances planetary nebulae in larger telescopes.

  • Narrowband filter for high transmission, with high blocking of unwanted longer wavelengths to yield high-contrast images.
  • Ion beam technology and optical glass produces low scatter in a hard stable coating to reduce changes due to temperature and humidity.