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Meade LX ACF Series Telescopes

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Meade LX90 8" ACF£1,680.00

Meade LX90 10" ACF£2,560.00

Meade LX90 12" ACF£3,245.00

Meade LX200 12'' ACF

Meade LX200 12" ACF£5,150.00

Meade LX200 14'' ACF

Meade LX200 14" ACF£8,595.00

Meade LX200 16'' ACF

Meade LX200 16" ACF£19,595.00

Meade LX600 14'' ACF

Meade LX600 14" ACF£9,795.00

Meade LX600 16'' ACF

Meade LX600 16" ACF£25,095.00

Meade LX90 Adapter Plate for Equatorial Wedge

Meade LX90 Adapter Plate for Equatorial Wedge£49.00

Adapter for the Meade 8" Wedge for LX90 ACF and SCT (8", 10" and 12").

Meade Equatorial Wedge for LX200 8'' ACF / SCT

Meade Equatorial Wedge for LX200 8" ACF / SCT£349.00

Allows for polar alignment of Meade LX200 8" ACF and SC models, as required for long exposure astrophotography and imaging.

Meade LX200 10'' ACF

Meade LX200 10" ACF£3,995.00

Meade LX200 8'' ACF

Meade LX200 8" ACF£2,675.00

Meade LX600 10'' ACF

Meade LX600 10" ACF£5,750.00

Meade LX600 12'' ACF

Meade LX600 12" ACF£6,850.00

Meade LX850 10'' ACF

Meade LX850 10" ACF£9,395.00

Meade LX850 12'' ACF

Meade LX850 12" ACF£10,395.00

Meade LX850 14'' ACF

Meade LX850 14" ACF£11,395.00

Meade LX850 Mount with Tripod

Meade LX850 Mount with Tripod£7,195.00

Meade LX850 Mount without Tripod

Meade LX850 Mount without Tripod£6,195.00

Meade LX850 Series 6000 130mm ED Triplet

Meade LX850 Series 6000 130mm ED Triplet£9,795.00

Meade X-Wedge

Meade X-Wedge£789.00

X-Wedge for 10"-14" LX600 and for 8"-14" LX200 telescopes

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items

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