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Pierro Astro ADC-Mk II Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

Pierro Astro ADC-Mk II Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
Price:  £329.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  PAADC-MkII
Manufacturer:  Pierro Astro

The Pierro Astro Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector is a revolution in observing and imaging objects. Through the use of 2 high quality minimum 1/10 Lamda silicate prisms, it corrects the false colour introduced by the earths atmosphere. When used for Planetary imaging it changes the clarity of the image dramatically, particularly in the Luminence channel when LRGB imaging.

This new MKII version of the ADC has an extended bandwidth range to 300nm. This makes it suitable for imaging Venus and other targets in the UV wavelength range. It also has refined mechanics and improved anti-reflection coatings for increased performance. The prisms in the new MkII are also more powerful allowing for correction of dispersion at lower elevations compared to the previous model.

The diagrams below show how the prisms reverse the colour separation caused be the atmosphere. For a more detailed explanation on the benefits of this 'wonder' product, please visit for more details.

The atmosphere acts like a prism and separates the light from objects, particularly when low in the sky

(image courtesy of Martin Lewis)

The ADC uses its adjustable prisms to re-combine colours separated by the atmosphere

(Image copyright Astrograph Ltd)





  • Threads T2 Male and Female
  • Dimensions 30x48mm (HxD)
  • Optical Aperture 24mm Usable
  • Optics 2 Prisms
  • Deviation Angle Edge 2 Degrees
  • Surface Accuracy 1/10 ptv
  • Anti-Reflective Coating FMC Reflection of 0.5 percent 300-700nm (ADC-UV)
  • Lateral Surface Blackened for improved contrast
  • Substrate High quality fused silica, transmission: 170nm to 2500nm (transmission of prisms also depends on anti-reflection coating)

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