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Hyperstar 11 HD v4

Hyperstar 11 HD v4From:  £1,299.00

The HyperStar systems allows an 11" telescope to operate at a focal ratio of f/2.0, an incredible 25 times faster than the standard f/10 focal ratio! Images can be obtained in just seconds!

Hyperstar 11 v4

Hyperstar 11 v4£1,399.00   £1,299.00

New HyperStar Lens for the C11! Use your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera body for stunning deep-sky vistas!

Hyperstar 14 Edge HD

Hyperstar 14 Edge HD£1,799.00   £1,575.00

The HyperStar 14 system allows extremely fast, wide-field CCD imaging with the Celestron 14" SCT. 

Hyperstar 14''

Hyperstar 14"From:  £1,575.00

The HyperStar 14 system allows extremely fast, wide-field CCD imaging with the Celestron 14" SCT.

HyperStar 6''

HyperStar 6"From:  £799.00

Introducing the newest member of the HyperStar family, the HyperStar C6!

Hyperstar 8 HD v4

Hyperstar 8 HD v4From:  £999.00

Ultra-fast, wide-field CCD imaging has never been easier. HyperStar quickly converts your SCT into a fast imaging system. 

Hyperstar 8 v4

Hyperstar 8 v4From:  £999.00


HyperStar lens now accommodates CCD chips up to 27mm diagonal, allowing for a huge field of view at incredibly fast speeds!

Hyperstar 9.25 v4

Hyperstar 9.25 v4From:  £1,199.00

The HyperStar C9.25 lens converts a standard Celestron 9.25" SCT from f/10 to f/2.3, making the system 18 times faster. 

HyperStar Camera Adapters

HyperStar Camera Adapters£145.00

HyperStar Conversion Kit Gasket

HyperStar Conversion Kit Gasket£15.00

HyperStar Conversion Kits

HyperStar Conversion KitsFrom:  £275.00

HyperStar Edge HD Adapters

HyperStar Edge HD Adapters£145.00

Hyperstar for C9.25 EdgeHD

Hyperstar for C9.25 EdgeHD£1,299.00   £1,199.00

The Edge HD 9.25" SCT telescope has a removable secondary mirror assembly, allowing the use of the HyperStar C9.25 lens.

Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer / Flattener

Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer / Flattener£499.00

Starizona EvoMask for Sky-Watcher Evoguide-50

Starizona EvoMask for Sky-Watcher Evoguide-50£14.00

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Page 1 of 1:    17 Results

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