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Starwave 110ED-R Refractor Telescope

Starwave 110ED-R Refractor Telescope
Starwave 110ED-R Refractor TelescopeStarwave 110ED-R Refractor TelescopeStarwave 110ED-R Refractor TelescopeStarwave 110ED-R Refractor Telescope
Price:  £875.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
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Product Code:  AASW110ED-R-ONLY
Manufacturer:  Altair Astro
Telescope Type:  APO Doublet Refractor
Aperture (mm):  110 mm

Altair Astro

The Starwave 110 ED-R delivers slightly higher resolution and more light grasp (+16%) than a 102mm scope for a small increase in weight and size. Deep sky and planetary images show slightly increased brightness and image scale, letting you discern slightly more subtle details at the eyepiece.

The additional aperture of the 110mm ED design makes this a suitable option for those who want slightly more light gathering and resolution over a 4" refractor, but who still want a relatively portable telescope which won't over-tax their mount. Every telescope is star-tested and collimation and spacing is adjusted for best performance. This really does show at the eyepiece.

The Starwave 110ED focuser has an ugraded rack and pinion gear drive, with a 2" Positive Lock adapter, an improvement which allows quick and secure accessory changes without leaving scuff marks on the accessory 2" barrel. The focuser can be rotated 360 degrees for easy positioning of the eyepiece wherever the telescope is pointing, and for framing images. A rear thread to attach the optional dedicated 0.8x reducer/flattener. The slightly larger aperture gives this telescope improved field performance over a larger area, making for less vignetting at the field-edge with larger CCD chips and DSLR cameras. When using the reducer/flattener, the focal ratio changes from F7 to F5.6.


  • 110mm F7 Optics from Ohara Japan (770mm focal length, FPL-51 ED element)
  • Highest practical magnification 220x, light grasp 247x human eye
  • 89% more light grasp than an 80mm refractor and 16% more than a 102mm refractor.
  • 65cm length, approx. weight 6.8kg
  • New improved dual speed 1:10 ratio 2.5" CNC Rack and Pinion focuser with 2" Positive Lock adapter.
  • New improved CNC tube with improved sliding dewshield, and lighter CNC tube rings.
  • 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter.
  • Tube rings with standard M6 30mm hole pattern (holes correspond top and bottom, enabling other telescopes to be mounted piggyback).
  • Standard Vixen-format dovetail bar.
  • FREE Protective hard case with foam padding.

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