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Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings with 200mm Dovetail Bar

Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings with 200mm Dovetail Bar
Price:  £69.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  SWGSR-110-200
Manufacturer:  Altair Astro

Altair Astro

Strong CNC machined guide scope rings, 10mm thick CNC machined aluminium.

Maximum compatible guidescope or finder tube diameter is 98mm.

Two stainless steel M6 screws per ring and a flat base for best contact with the dovetail bar eliminate twisting or differential flex, which improves guiding accuracy. All-metal thumbscrews to eliminate flex.

Rings have a flat base with 2x M6 holes to attach to a 200mm dovetail bar. A Starwave 200mm dovetail bar (product code SW-VBAR-200) is included with standard 44.5mm maximum width (Starwave/Synta/Vixen-format).

Rings can be positioned at 60, 120 or 180mm separation along the dovetail bar depending on the length of the guide scope.

Special pads on the ends of the thumbscrews reduce the chance of chipped paint and scratches, without allowing movement.

The 200mm length dovetail bar has 3x 6mm width countersunk slots for maximum compatibility with your telescope.

4x M6 steel hex cap-head screws are included for attaching the rings to the bar. See gallery image for dovetail bar diagram.

Compatible with Altair 60mm MiniGuider and 80mm MaxiGuider guide scopes, and Altair 60mm and 80mm Deluxe finder-scopes.

There are many cheap guidescope rings on the market, however they usually have "differential flex" problems, This is where the guide scope moves (even very slightly) relative to the main imaging telescope, causing the wrong corrections to be sent to the mount. These problems are caused by:

  • Nylon or plastic thumbscrews used for alignment and holding the optical tube
  • Guidescope rings without a flat surface machined into the base which rock from side to side
  • Guidescope rings which attach to the dovetail bar with only one screw, allowing them to swivel
  • Cheap modified finder scopes which rely on a rubber O-ring around the front to keep them aligned in their bracket

Starwave guide scope rings solve all of these problems, and as long as your guide scope itself doesn't have flex in the focuser, they offer the best performance possible for the price.

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