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Super 8, Standard 8 and 16 mm Film Processing

We offer processing on all current Kodak Super-8 stocks. The prices are as following:
Vision 50D, Vision 200T and Vision 500T - £30.00 per 50 ft cartridge
Ektachrome 64T and Ektachrome 100D -  £36.00 per 50 ft cartridge
TRI-X and PLUS-X  -  £33.00 per 50 ft cartridge

We do not develop old stocks such as Kodachrome 40, Kodachrome II, Ektachrome 160, AGFA and BOOTS. If you are unsure if yours can be processed, please contact us!

Super 8 Positive print from Negative - £50.00 per 50ft of film

Standard 8 mm Film processing is £32.00 per 25ft of film.

16 mm Film Development costs are as following:
Negative Stocks - £30 per 100ft of Film
Black/White Reversal Stocks - £39 per 100ft of Film  
Ektachrome 100D Colour Reversal Stocks - £49 per 100ft of Film
Positive Print from Negative - £60 per 100ft of Film

If you would like to process your Super 8, Standard 8 or 16 mm film please either bring it in to our shop or post it together with a note with your name and telephone number to the following address:

The Widescreen Centre
2 Rosemary Lane
Sutton (nr Ely)

Processing of Super 8 curently takes around 3-6 weeks. This time depends on the amount of material we have to develop.

EXPRESS PROCESSING SERVICE is available. Please contact Joseph or Simon on 01353 776 199 to confirm the time and costs.

If you are posting your film to us please make sure you include a note with your name and telephone number, so that we could identify your film. You wouldn't believe how many parcels we get without any contact data!

Please let some time for the film to arrive with us and then we will call you to confirm your card data for the payment.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY NOTICE: On submitting film for any purpose, such as processing, printing, telecine transfer, duplication, storage, or any other handling. You the Customer, accept that this constitutes an Agreement. That any loss or damage to such film by our Company or our agents, will only entitle you to the replacement of such film, with an equivalent quantity/size of unexposed film. Except for such replacement, our acceptance of film is without any other liability. The recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. No express or implied warranty is provided. 

We strongly advice Customer's to arrange there own adequate and appropriate insurance against the risk of any loss or damage.

The Widescreen Centre shall on no account be liable for any postal or other third party delays or losses. It is the Customer's responsibility to resolve any dispute with the third party company involved.  



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