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Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi
Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi
Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi
Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi
Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi

Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi

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Computerised Equatorial Mount
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Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi

High-precision Vixen SXD2WL EQ GoTo mount with Wifi module for control via smartphone or tablet - Made in Japan.

  • SXD2WL equatorial GoTo mount with Wifi module
  • Easy control via smartphone or tablet
  • Convenient GoTo slewing by tapping the display
  • Photographic load capacity of up to 15 kg possible
  • Only 9.2 kg, lightweight and therefore very portable
  • Large worm gears with 180 teeth each and 72 mm worms
  • Free STAR BOOK Wireless app with star chart application
  • Object database with Messier objects, NGC objects, IC objects, sun, moon, planets, comets
  • Database with up to 259,000 celestial objects depending on map settings

Vixen has developed a new generation of SX mounts for demanding observers and astrophotographers. 
The SXD2WL mount is simply operated via a Wifi module with a smartphone or tablet. By controlling the mount with your smartphone using the free STAR BOOK Wireless app, you can easily use sky navigation functions such as automatic GoTo panning of celestial objects via your smartphone or tablet. By eliminating the power consumption of the conventional LCD (STAR BOOK TEN), the power consumption on the mount is reduced by up to 20%, thus enabling longer astronomical observation and astrophotography. 

When the desired celestial object is selected from a list, it is automatically panned into the telescope's field of view and tracking begins. 
An existing STAR BOOK TEN controller can also be used on this mount without any problems. Equipped with the same precision stepper motors as the top model, the AXD mount, the SXD2WL brings a new standard of performance and precision to the Vixen mount family. 

With a photographic load capacity of 15 kg, the axis cross of the mount weighs just 9.2 kg making it ideal for mobile observations. 
In addition, the motors mounted in the lower part of the mount also serve as a counterweight, so the mount requires fewer weights for balancing. 

The SXD2 mount in detail 

Precision stepper motors and micro-step motion control system 
At the heart of the SXD2 are the precision stepper motors, which offer better performance and response than previous models. The micro-step motion control system offers powerful and yet very smooth drive characteristics, which are given both in fine movements and in fast pans. Built-in bearings The bearings of the RA and DEC axes and the worm shafts have been significantly improved to reduce the load on the motors. As a result, the motors move much more smoothly than in previous models. 

High-precision worm gears High-precision processing technologies eliminate worm gear errors. 
The edges of the two worms and worm wheels are particularly smooth, enabling very precise tracking. Declination axis as counterweight The solid motor units are installed in the lower part of the declination axis so that the center of gravity of the SXD2 is below the intersection point of the RA and DEC axes. This means you need fewer additional counterweights. 

Latitude setting The latitude is adjustable between 0 and 70 degrees
(divided into 3 zones and adjustable +/- 15 degrees per zone, for high, medium and low latitudes); latitude scale in 2-degree increments; fine adjustment with a tangent screw head, approx. 0.8 degrees per turn. 

Built-in PFL-II polar finder with illumination 
The built-in 5x20mm polar finder with 10° field of view has a 3-star alignment system. This eliminates the inconvenience of setting the date and original time. The illuminated reticle with variable brightness and automatic switch-off is adjustable in 8 levels and illuminated in red. The adjustment accuracy is 3 arc minutes. 

The wireless module in detail 

The Vixen Wifi adapter for EQ mounts allows you to control your Vixen mount via a smartphone or tablet.
With the smartphone app STAR BOOK Wireless (free of charge) you can navigate the sky without any cables. The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a control unit for the equatorial mount in no time at all. The response delay of the mount, which is considered the biggest disadvantage of wireless connections, has been reduced to a level comparable to wired connections. 

Reduced power consumption compared to conventional controllers with LCD monitor 
The power consumption of the mount is reduced by up to 20%, allowing longer observations than with conventional wired controllers such as the STAR BOOK TEN. 

Operation similar to the STAR BOOK TEN controller. 
The STAR BOOK Wireless app has a similar structure to the STAR BOOK TEN controller. Depending on the star map setting, it contains up to 259,000 celestial objects. Tap on a celestial object in the object list and start the GoTo. The mount will now automatically move to this target and bring it into the telescope's field of view. All the popular features of the STAR BOOK TEN are retained 

Convenient operation 
When looking through the telescope operate the mount by swiping on the app's star chart. As there are no buttons, simply slide your finger over the star chart to operate the mount conveniently. 

Extensive astronomical data included 
In addition to data on easily observable celestial bodies such as Messier objects, NGC objects and IC objects, this also includes the sun, moon, planets, comets and dwarf planets. 

High-precision alignment 
By aligning the mount to one or two stars, you can already achieve fairly precise positioning. By aligning the mount to three or more stars, you can achieve high-precision alignment of the mount for high magnifications. The objects are then approached precisely and centrally in your telescope's field of view. The alignment information is saved and can be retained even when the device is switched off. By leaving the telescope in its current state after completing an observation without moving it, you can start the automatic installation with the same settings for the next observation.  

Individual setting options 
As with the STAR BOOK TEN control unit, the app offers various individual settings, such as gear backlash compensation, night mode in red, autoguider and variable GoTo speed and LED brightness. You can also set the timing of the reversal of the objective tube (meridian flip) as desired. Even if the object moves to the south during tracking, you can prevent the telescope tube from reversing. 

Important note: Cannot be used on old SX mounts with the old blue Star Book! 

Technical information about the Wifi module: CPU with 32-bit CISC processor 120 MHz The unit is connected to the mount via a D-SUB 9PIN connector as with the STAR BOOK TEN. It has a 6-pin 6-wire modular plug for external autoguider operation. Supported operating systems are Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher, WLAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n. 


  • RA sprocket: 180 teeth 
  • DEC sprocket: 180 teeth 
  • Shaft material and diameter: Carbon steel / Decl. 35 mm, RA 40 mm thickness 
  • Polar finder scope: 6x20 mm, PFL-II polar finder 
  • Fine height adjustment: 0° to 70°, (fine adjustment +/- 15°, height) 
  • Backsight rod: 20 mm diameter 
  • Azimuth adjustment: worm fine adjustment 
  • Power supply: DC12 V; 0.4~1.7 A 
  • Maximum load: 15 kg, photographic, without counterweight 
  • Counterweight: 1x 1.9 kg and 1x 3.7 kg 
  • Tripod connection: 45 mm spigot 
  • Dimensions: 36 cm (H) x 12 cm (W) x 36 cm (L) Weight: 8.8 kg (19.4 lb), without counterweight 
  • 32-bit CISC processor 120 MHz 
  • Operating system: Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher 
  • Connection: D-SUB 9PIN connector 
  • Autoguider input ST4 
  • Power consumption SXD2WL+Wireless unit: DC12V / 0.3-2.0 A (load 10 kg), 0.4-2.2 A (load 15 kg) 

Specifications: Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi

Colour: white
Material: Aluminium, Steel
Mount Type: German/Equatorial Mount with GoTo

What's in the Box

What's in the Box: Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi

  • SXD2WL EQ mount 
  • Wireless unit 
  • 2 counterweights: 1.9 kg and 3.7 kg 
  • Mounting tools
  • Pole finder PFL-II 
  • Cigarette lighter cable
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