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William Optics SPL Eyepieces

William Optics SPL Eyepieces
Price:  £79.00
List Price:  £99.00
(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  SPL125
Manufacturer:  William Optics
Eyepiece Type:  Planetary Eyepiece
Field of View:  55 degrees
Barrel Size:  1.25" Eyepiece

William Optics

William Optics is proud to introduce the SPL (Super Planetary Long eye-relief) eyepieces. This new Planetary Eyepiece series is designed for users with the need for high-power, sharp and contrast views for planetary observations. The long eye relief is a bonus for people with eyeglasses and for people who do not want to strain their eyesight during observation sessions.

High Quality Optical Lens

  • Special glasses and perfect multi-coatings make the optical performance of SPL amazing in almost any telescope. a very well corrected field of view, free from optical aberrations allows you to finally enjoy planets as they deserve. 
  • Good transmittance and excellent color rendition will allow you to enjoy planetary details you had missed so far. 
  • Leave ghosting and flares to other eyepieces:your William Optics SPL will not disappoint you.

High Power and High Contrast 

  • Available in two focal lengths, 3mm and 12.5mm, these eyepieces will satisfy any power requirement. Easy to Barlow, they will yield amazing results even at the highest powers (provided that atmospherical conditions and your telescope canhandle such high powers!).
  • Great contrast and sharp to the edges 
  • Distortion-free EXTRA details is not a miracle: it all goes down to quality construction and design. SPL give you just what you always wanted.

Long Eye relief 

  • Both focal lengths boast very long eyerelief for maximum viewing comfort even for eyeglass wearers.
  • Mechanically beautiful and functional tapered barrel. 
  • Blackened lens edges and flat black paint in the barrel to minimize sources of potential reflections.

Excellent value 

  • The very competitive price of these planetary eyepieces will encourage you to get the whole series to add to your keep-a-lifetime eyepieces!

Internally baffled, All lenses' edges and internal spacers blackened, Fully multicoated

Model                   SPL 3       SPL 6      SPL 12.5
Focal Length        3mm         6mm        12.5mm
Lens Structure     7/4            7/4            7/4
Field of View        55deg       55deg       55deg
Eye Relief            20mm       20mm       20mm
Barrel                   1.25"        1.25"         1.25"
Coating                FMC         FMC         FMC
Parfocal               Yes           Yes          Yes
Weight                 200g         150g        150g

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