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Intes-Micro ALTER D6 Equatorial Mount

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Intes-Micro of Moscow produce one of the heaviest duty telescope mounts available to the amateur astronomer. The Intes-Micro D6 Equatorial mount comes in two major sections. The tripod legs and the equatorial mount. The main housing is machined from a single block of aluminium which gives the mount it's sturdiness and strength. The Alter D6 will in fact support telescopes up to 40kg in weight, depending on the type. Upgradeable to Goto with the addition of the AWR system - phone Simon on (020) 7935 2580 for details. 

Once the tripod has been erected and extended to a useable height the mount can be lifted onto the tripod top. The mount will normally sit happily there without support while the locking screw is attached through the tripod base. Once this is done the other components can be attached easily.
The tubular steel legs give a very rigid base on which the mount stands and have the height range of 80cm to 123cm. As with most mounts there is a simple triangular spreader between the legs to lock them into position and prevent them from spreading outwards.
The latitude adjustment is from 0 to 70 degrees using two screws either side of the latitude axis. Polar alignment is achieved with a polar alignment scope fitted to the Right Ascension axis. The counterweight bar is in two sections. There are also two counterweights provided, 2.6kg and 7.4 kg. By using a combination of bar lengths and counterweights the mount will balance almost all telescopes used.
The RA worm gear is 140mm diameter in bronze, the Dec gear is 100mm diameter. The stepper drive motors fitted internally to the 65mm RA and Declination axis are contolled via a black box attached to one of the tripod legs. A simple hand control is used to operate the drives and program the Periodic Error Control. There are also ports for the external control of the drives so that GoTo systems and computer pointing can be used. The drives only require 15v DC 800mA power supply. (The mean sidereal rate error is only 0.005% with the peridic error of +/- 5 arcsec).

Alter D6 Equatorial Mount is designed to support and aim an optical tube assembly for astronomical purposes. It is a rigid, heavy-duty mount, suitable for apertures up to 400 mm.
A hand held push-button controller is used to control tracking, guiding and slewing. A variable height tripod permits use in the field as well as in the observatory.

A mount structure contains the following parts:

  • a declination unit with counterweight shaft and balance weights
  • a polar head with equatorial wedge
  • a folding tripod
  • a power unit and hand controller

Specifications: Intes-Micro ALTER D6 Equatorial Mount

Technical Specifications:

  • Type - German Equatorial Mount
  • Mount capacity - 8 ... 25 kg
  • Tripod height variation - 750 - 1200 mm
  • Range of working latitudes - 0-70 Deg.
  • Slewing capabilities in RA and Dec - unlimited
  • Power supply - 12 DC 1.5 A
  • Mean Sidereal error - 0.005%
  • Periodic error - + 5"
  • Body material - stainless steel
  • Balance weights weight - 9 kg (2 weights)
  • Net weight - 65 kg
  • Shipping weight - 70 kg

What's in the Box

What's in the Box: Intes-Micro ALTER D6 Equatorial Mount

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