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STUMPFL Electric Screens

STUMPFL ELECTRIC PROJECTION SCREENS - High precision. Noiseless . Quick and safe Installation. Long Lifetime. Ultra flat case dimension. All AV Stumpfl Electric Projection Screens feature an unequaled life time, highest precision components with certified materials. 5 Year Warranty included. Projection installation perfected. Electric projection screens are usually mounted on or within the ceiling construction or on the wall.

Stumpfl manufacture two models of electric screeins: INLINE® and MAGNUM®. Inline® can be made to measure up to 240x240 cm in any aspect ratio. As an option Inline can be shipped with a mat black masking and different lengths of black drop. Magnum® can be made to measure up to 900x675 cm in any aspect ratio. 

INLINE® - High functionality, attractive optical appearance. European Design.
Standard size or tailor-made - INLINE provides a stylish hiding place for your projection screen. A top-quality, stationary projection screen must meet a number of criteria. The projected images must be large, brilliant and effective. Out of use, the screen should be invisible. That‘s why the INLINE system makes the lower screen edge disappear into the casing until it is level with it.

Inline® is the roll up projection screen choice of Europe’s audio visual system integration companies. Lowest installation cost, Austrian manufacturing precision, ecoTex and flame resistance certification, best picture quality and long lifetime are the key features of this innovative product.

STUMPFL Electric Screens Casing STUMPFL Electric Screen
CASING DIMENSIONS - Depending on the required projection screen dimensions we do manufacture roll up cases in different sizes: Casing size 9 x8,5 cm, Casing size 12,5 x12,5 cm, Casing size 16 x16 cm. NOISELESS MOTOR
Noiseless motor-driven projection screen using a special motor with rubber mounting.
STUMPFL Electric Screen Mounting Bracket STUMPFL Electric Screen Mounting
Mounting solutions casing 9 x 8,5cm
Mounting solutions casing 12,5 x 12cm
The QuickMount is a universal mounting bracket for all wall- or ceiling mounting options - also for hidden and difficult accessible areas.
The ability to move the brackets on any position on casing profile makes it perfect for any relevant local circumstances. The mounting can be performed safely and easily by one person.
STUMPFL Electric Screens Celling Mount STUMPFL Electric Screen Celling
CEILING INTEGRATION - Mounting solutions casing 9 x 8,5cm. The recessed box can be pre-installed during building works. The installation depth is only 95 mm! The recessed box can be delivered separately in advance. Service-assembly of roll-up screen at the end of building works.
STUMPFL Electric Screen Integration STUMPFL Electric Screen Suspension
Clips brackets complete the integration for a perfect flat optic. CEILING INTEGRATION/FRAME
Mounting solutions casing 9 x 8,5cm
Mounting solutions casing 12,5 x 12cm
Mounting solutions casing 16 x 16cm
Casing profile incl. ceiling integration frame and clips brackets for suspended ceilings. This version of casing is only for use with suspended ceilings.

MAGNUM® - Large Screen. Seamless. Without Compromises. European Design.
Magnum® is the projection screen solution for large scale applications. High precision carbon fiber tubes ensure perfectly flat projection surfaces without bulky structural aids. Flat large scale but seamless surfaces, Austrian manufacturing precision, flame resistance certification, best picture quality and long lifetime are the key features of this innovative product.

MAGNUM - Customized greatness.
The optimal solution for large event locations: MAGNUM – the large-scale projection screen with electric drive. MAGNUM consists of an aluminum/steel construction with bearings that have been especially developed for this purpose including safety catch. It is manufactured in accordance with DIN19045. The glass-fiber reinforced, light-proof screen material has heat-sealed seams that are invisible during projection. MAGNUM by AV Stumpfl has the greatness and size that undoubtedly pays off.

STUMPFL Electric Screen magnum STUMPFL Electric Screen Motors
DRIVE - Drive with quick-change coupling allows the motor to be replaced without dismantling the projection screen. (Magnum 360 and Magnum 300) ELECTRIC DRIVE
Electric drive certified to theater standard (BGV C1).
STUMPFL Electric Screens Shaft STUMPFL Electric Screen Magnum Casing
High-precision winding shaft made of the high-tech carbon material for improved flatness (optional).
Closed protective casing.

Please note: All types are available in various formats and ratios, really too numerous to mention here. These screens are made to order and the dlivery time is 2-6 weeks. For quotation please contact us at 01353 776199 or email to elena@widescreen-centre.co.uk