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Solar Observing

Solar Observing Prominences

Extend your hobby into day time! The Sun is easy to observe and it is close enough to see the fascinating details. With many other objects in the sky, you see the same details. The Sun can surprise us daily with new events, sometimes it can be only a matter of minutes.

White-Light Solar Filters are conventional solar filters. These filters are front mounted filters that dim the light. With white-light filter you can observe the sunspots.

Herschel Wedges / Solar Wedges are used to observe the Sun with refractor telescopes in white light. The difference between Herschel Wedges and conventional front mounted filters is, that the filtering takes place just before the eyepiece or camera. This will provide a better contrast and sharpness of the solar image. With Herschel Wedges you can observe the sunspots, and a bit of the granulation on the solar surface. 

But there are so much more to observe on the Sun than only the famous sunspots. Powerful eruptions, known as prominences, rise up from the edge of the Sun and fall back dawn on the surface Also the surface itself is generous with exciting effects, like turbulences, flares, and filaments. Unbelievable enormous quantities of vibrant energy, directly before your eyes. For these really exciting details you need specialist high-tech filter that allows observing the Sun in a single, very specific wavelength - H-α (Hydrogen Alpha) wavelength of ionized hydrogen at 656,28nm, and the light of the Calcium-K line (Ca-K) at 393,4nm.

Our closest star can be spectacular. Make the most of it!