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Front Projection Screens

The Widescreen Centre offer a variety of screens for all types of projection. We specialise in delivering to our customers just the right product that they require, be it a spring-loaded pull-down model, one that sits on a tripod, an electrically operated type (with wireless remote if required), or the completely mobile  -  go anywhere  -  type.  Whilst we have listed a good selection of our range on these pages, there are just too many to include a complete list so if you don't see exactly what you want, we've still probably got something to suit.  And if you're still uncertain of exactly what you require,  just give us a ring on 01353 776199 or email elena@widescreen-centre.co.uk.

The projection screens can be either floor standing or wall mounted, permanent or portable. Various designs of projection screen are shown here. From the quite small to the extremely large. It all depends on your requirements.

N.B. The projection screens here are of the material type onto which an image is projected. These are not plasma or TV screens. We have screens available either as front projection or rear.
Special Requirements. Do you require a larger or a different shaped screen? A special fixing?  Or some other 'non-standard' model?  We, at The Widescreen Centre,  offer you the benefit of our many years experience in satisfying such needs.  We can produce these to your individual requirements. Please call us at 01353 776199 or email elena@widescreen-centre.co.uk

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Tabletop Projection Screen
Tabletop Projection Screen