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Tripod Screens

Superior STURDY Tripod model - audiovisual quality!

Free-Standing Tripod Screens have a wide metal tripod so the tripod can be placed on the floor wherever you like. The matt white surface will give clear views to everyone watching from almost all angles.

The screens when extended can have the bottom of the screen at the top of the legs at it's lowest extension or they can be raised so that the screen is raised above the heads of your audience. The maximum height will vary with the size of the screen.

All of our screens are normally hard-wearing in general use (given the usual care that people take of their property) however, it is in the nature of things, that there is sometimes a call for a tougher-than-average model. 

This we offer with our new Superior HEAVY-DUTY Tripod Screen.  This is constructed of sturdier materials using a square-sectioned central tubing which has a click-stop raising and lowering mechanism.  Its extra build quality allows it to be used on a daily basis where it would be more likely to get damaged if it were of a lighter construction. It sports an overhead arm so that the screen surface  -  which also has a black border down either side  -  can be tilted downwards towards the projector in order to alleviate any problems of keystoning. 

It also has an extremely tough, built-in, carrying handle to facilitate ease of transport. 

N.B. Casing design may marginally vary from time to time depending upon canister material availability; however this will in no way affect the functionality of the product.