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Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes

Experience an extraordinary aperture-to-price ratio with Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes. Designed with the innovative Dobsonian mount, these telescopes offer simplicity, efficiency, and impressive performance. The Dobsonian mount, originally introduced by the ingenious John Dobson in the late 1970s, is a very simple but effective method of mounting a Newtonian Reflector. Setting up is fast and hassle-free, with the box-type mount allowing easy adjustment in altitude and azimuth. The secret to their exceptional design lies in the careful balance of the optical tube and the use of high-quality frictional materials, enabling smooth movement and secure positioning. Manual operation enhances the immersive and tactile experience, while the sturdy construction of the aluminum tube ensures durability and superior performance. Explore the wonders of the universe with Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes.

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Sky-Watcher Skyliner-150P Telescope
Sky-Watcher Skyliner-150P Telescope

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Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P Classic Telescope
Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P Classic Telescope

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Sky-Watcher Skyliner-250PX Telescope
Sky-Watcher Skyliner-250PX Telescope

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Sky-Watcher Stargate-500P SynScan 508mm 20'' f4 Parabolic Truss-Tube Computerised Go To Dobsonian Latest Improved Version
Sky-Watcher Stargate-500P SynScan 508mm 20" f4 Parabolic Truss-Tube Computerised Go To Dobsonian Latest Improved Version

The new definition of "Light bucket".


Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes for Astronomy

Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Features:
Sky-Watcher Dobsonian models stand out with their cutting-edge features. Equipped with 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports, these telescopes minimize diffraction spikes and light loss, ensuring crisp and clear views. Additionally, they incorporate high-quality Paraboloidal primary mirrors that effectively eliminate spherical aberration, resulting in exceptional optical performance. Experience superior image quality and precise observation with Sky-Watcher Dobsonian telescopes.

Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes Handle

Sky-Watcher Dobsonians feature a unique patented Tensioner/Carrying handle. By lifting the handles together, you can easily carry the whole unit in an upright position with the help of a friend.

Skyliner Parabolic Dobsonians (Standard Type) Ade Ashford Says... "For the largest aperture telescope and light-gathering capability for your money, look no further than a Sky-Watcher Dobsonian. The Skyliner range feature the same high-precision Newtonian optical tube assemblies found in the Explorer series, coupled to a stable, non-motorised mount that's intuitive to use. A rugged, no-nonsense design for the practical observer that delivers all-round performance on the Moon, planets and dazzling deep-sky performance -- especially in the larger apertures."

Ade Ashford BSc