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Atik Astronomy Cameras

Atik's mission is to bring astrophotography to everyone with a range of fully-featured, accessible and affordable imaging cameras. Now, you can find this outstanding range in London at the Widescreen Centre. Each camera is available in monochrome or one-shot colour configuration. Please specify in comments which camera is required. And of course we are here for you if you have any questions. Thank you.
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Atik 16200 CCD Camera

Atik 16200 CCD CameraFrom:  £2,959.00

16.2 Megapixel camera for Large Format, cooled CCD Astrophotography

Atik One 9MP with the Atik GP Kit

Atik One 9MP with the Atik GP Kit£2,999.00   £2,959.00

Great value from the Atik One Integrated kit!

Atik One 6MP with the Atik GP Kit

Atik One 6MP with the Atik GP Kit£2,949.00   £2,739.00

Great value from the Atik One Integrated kit!

Atik One 9.0 Mono CCD Camera

Atik One 9.0 Mono CCD Camera£2,699.00   £2,595.00

9 Million Pixel cooled CCD sensor, new CCD chamber design, filled with high purity Argon.

Atik One 6.0 Mono CCD Camera

Atik One 6.0 Mono CCD Camera£2,599.00   £2,439.00

Features an improved cooler, capable of reaching a stable -38C, and a new CCD chamber design, filled with high purity Argon.

Atik 4120EX Colour CCD Camera

Atik 4120EX Colour CCD Camera£2,589.00   £2,449.00

The Atik 4120EX is the highest resolution camera from the 4-series, and the highest resolution Atik Camera to date.

Atik 490EX CCD Camera

Atik 490EX CCD CameraFrom:  £2,179.00

9 million pixels, outstanding sensitivity and multiple binning levels - open up the possibility of having aone camera does all__ concept.

Atik 460EX CCD Camera

Atik 460EX CCD CameraFrom:  £1,949.00

The Atik 460EX excellent sensitivity provides impressive performance in both narrowband and LRGB techniques.

Atik 383L+ Mono CCD Camera

Atik 383L+ Mono CCD Camera£1,799.00   £1,649.00

A dream combination of low-noise electronics and a scientific grade sensor at a fantastic price!

Atik Horizon Camera

Atik Horizon CameraFrom:  £1,219.00

Atik's entry into CMOS cameras, the brilliant new Horizon!

Atik 428EX CCD Camera

Atik 428EX CCD CameraFrom:  £1,459.00

The Atik 428EX is a perfect match for narrowband imaging!

Atik 414EX CCD Camera

Atik 414EX CCD CameraFrom:  £1,185.00

Compared with the 314L+ at 650nm, the 414EX is 60% more sensitive.

Atik 314L+ CCD Camera

Atik 314L+ CCD Camera£1,199.00   £1,069.00

The Atik 314L + represents the pinnacle in medium resolution cooled astronomy cameras.

Atik Infinity Camera

Atik Infinity Camera£979.00   £897.00

First Atik Camera dedicated to video astronomy, boasting both the speed and sensitivity.

Atik 420L CCD Camera

Atik 420L CCD Camera£949.00   £889.00

Featuring the narrowest body in its class, the Atik 420 is one of the lightest cameras as well.

Atik Titan Mono CCD Camera

Atik Titan Mono CCD Camera£579.00   £539.00

Atik Titan for Guiding, Planetary and Deep-Sky Imaging!

Atik 4000 Mono CCD Camera

Atik 4000 Mono CCD Camera£3,549.00   £3,499.00

Atik 4000 provides an ideal introduction to the joys of large-format imaging.

Atik 11000 Mono CCD Camera

Atik 11000 Mono CCD Camera£4,849.00   £4,799.00

The Atik 11000, high resolution, large-format cooled CCD astronomy camera

Atik GP Mono Camera

Atik GP Mono Camera£379.00   £359.00

Atik Off-Axis Guider

Atik Off-Axis Guider£199.00   £189.00

The Atik OAG interfaces perfectly with the EFW2, meaning that no spacing exists between both units.

Atik Power Supply Unit

Atik Power Supply Unit£39.00

The official PSU from Atik. Perfect for a steady and smooth power supply to your camera!

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