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Dovetail Bases for Finderscopes

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Baader V-Dove Tail Clamp

Baader V-Dove Tail Clamp£35.00   £32.00

To accommodate all terminal strips of Vixen GP / GPDX, Bresser, Synta, Skywatcher.

Orion Dovetail Base for Finder Scope

Orion Dovetail Base for Finder Scope£16.00

Dovetail base fits any Orion finder scope or reflex sight bracket so you can securely attach an aiming device to any telescope

Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain Finder Scope Base

Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain Finder Scope Base£16.00

Allows you to attach an Orion finder scope bracket, reflex sight bracket, or green laser pointer bracket to Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (SCT) up to 11" aperture.

Starwave Universal Finder Mounting Shoe / Bracket UNIFBR

Starwave Universal Finder Mounting Shoe / Bracket UNIFBR£15.00

This finder mounting shoe / bracket is compatible with Altair and Starwave finder scopes and Red Dot Finders.

Orion USA Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

Orion USA Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket£49.00

Attach two different aiming devices to your telescope quickly and easily with the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket.

Baader Standard Finder Base

Baader Standard Finder Base£25.00

Suitable for mounting Baaders well known MQR III finder, MQR IV finder, Witty One fine tune assembly and Skysurfer finder.

TeleVue Dovetail for QRB-1002

TeleVue Dovetail for QRB-1002£22.00

QRD-1006 Plus QRB-1002 can be used to convert Universal Finder Mount (fixed type) to Quick-Release type.

TeleVue SCT Accessory Bracket

TeleVue SCT Accessory Bracket£28.00

Should be permanently installed on the desired area of your SCT using screws supplied

TeleVue Quick Release Bracket QRB-1002

TeleVue Quick Release Bracket QRB-1002£39.00

Quick-release bracket to fit TeleVue Ring Mounts

TeleVue Finder Adapter FAB-1008

TeleVue Finder Adapter FAB-1008£12.00

For TeleVue telescope owners who want to attach a traditional finder scope.

TeleVue TV-60 X-Y Mount kit SCT

TeleVue TV-60 X-Y Mount kit SCT£135.00

X-Y Adjustable Mount System for quick installation of TeleVue 60 to Schmidt- Cassegrain scopes 8" or larger for use as a "superfinder", or to attach to a TeleVue Ring Mount.

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

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