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Baader UFC Universal Filter Changers

The UFC grows together with your needs: The Baader-UFC is the priceworthy answer to an ever growing problem. New camera-models come to market with ever increasing speed. Spacers between telescope and camera don´t support the correct distance or are subjected to torsion due to their flimsy design and heavy cameras. An owner may want to change their telescope – or use several OTAs, but does not want to purchase new filters and filter sliders all the time. The Baader-UFC is a (seemingly) simple answer to a complex problem.

UFC is made in the typical Baader-way, trying to connect each and everything in the most elegant and flexure-free manner.

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UFC Base (Filter Chamber)

UFC Base (Filter Chamber)£45.00

The ever-growing filter chamber

Baader Filter Sliders

Baader Filter SlidersFrom:  £8.50

The ever-growing filter chamber

UFC S70/11''/14'' RASA Adapter

UFC S70/11"/14" RASA Adapter£87.00

Baader UFC S70 VariLock 15-20mm extension.

Baader UFC Camera-Sided Adapters

Baader UFC Camera-Sided AdaptersFrom:  £23.00

The ever-growing filter chamber

Baader UFC Telescope-Sided Adapters

Baader UFC Telescope-Sided AdaptersFrom:  £21.00

The ever-growing filter chamber

Baader UFC S70 Extensions

Baader UFC S70 ExtensionsFrom:  £23.00

The ever-growing filter chamber

Baader UFC S70 Varilock 15-20mm

Baader UFC S70 Varilock 15-20mm£83.00

The ever-growing filter chamber


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