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Sky-Watcher Flextube Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes

Sky-Watcher are proud to introduce a new range of truss-tube dobsonian models. The new FlexTubeTM Dobsonians all feature retactable OTA’s, making them easy to transport and store, offering the ultimate flexibility for owning an otherwise large telescope. They all feature 2-part telescope tubes attached with 3-arm supports. When in use the tube is fully extended and each arm’s axis is clamped to ensure a rigid optical system. After use, the clamps can be loosened and the tube retracted into a convenient compact size. Owning a large telescope has never been so easy!!


Ade Ashford Says... "Despite their great performance to cost ratio, Dobsonians can be rather bulky in larger apertures, but Sky-Watcher have addressed this with their innovative and aesthetically-pleasing Flextube range. With their collapsible tube design, these versatile instruments are easy to store and can be readied for observation at a moments notice. Ideal for deep-sky viewing, these 'scopes will also deliver stunning planetary images."

Ade Ashford BSc

Features High Quality Parabolic Primary Mirrors to eliminate spherical aberrations inherent in 'fast' focal lengh reflectors with spherical primary mirrors. The mirrors are parabolized to bring all the light rays to the same focal point to give sharp, constrasty images, which are full of detail.

Most reflectors today usually have a coat of aluminium as the mirror surface and then an overcoat of silicon monoxide or silicon dioxide to protect it. Silicon dioxide produces a much more durable coat than silicon monoxide but requires specialized equipment to apply it and is therefore more expensive. Protection is needed, because in most reflectors, the mirror is open to the elements and deterioration of the reflective layer reduces the resolution of the telescope.ALL Sky-Watcher reflectors are Multi-Coated with Silicon Dioxide as standard for Optimum Durability and Long Term Performance.

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Sky-Watcher Heritage-130P FlexTube Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope

Sky-Watcher Heritage-130P FlexTube Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope£205.00   £169.00

In stock!

Sky-Watcher Heritage-150P Flextube Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope

Sky-Watcher Heritage-150P Flextube Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope£255.00   £237.00


In stock!

Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P FlexTube SynScan Go-To Telescope

Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P FlexTube SynScan Go-To Telescope£1,049.00   £999.00

In stock!

Sky-Watcher Skyliner-250PX FlexTube Telescope

Sky-Watcher Skyliner-250PX FlexTube TelescopeFrom:  £679.00

In stock! 

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-300P FlexTube Telescope

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-300P FlexTube TelescopeFrom:  £1,049.00

In stock!

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-350P FlexTube Telescope

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-350P FlexTube TelescopeFrom:  £1,579.00

In stock!

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-400P FlexTube Telescope

Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-400P FlexTube TelescopeFrom:  £2,199.00

In stock!

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