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Telescopes for Astronomy with Dr Simon Bennett

Telescopes for Astronomy

Welcome to the world of Astronomy! At The Widescreen Centre, we offer a wide range of telescopes from UK stock, suitable for beginners to advanced observers and astroimagers. Visit our Cambridgeshire showroom to view our collection and seek expert advice on choosing the perfect telescope for you.

We take a flexible approach to Astronomy, recognizing that each customer has unique requirements. We offer a range of telescope types, including refractors, dobsonian telescopes, Maksutov telescopes, and the latest APO telescopes. Additionally, we understand that you may prefer a different type of mount or focal length eyepiece, and we're happy to accommodate such requests.

Our offers aren't "carved in stone" because we prioritize meeting your needs, not what we or anyone else thinks you should have. If you require assistance, speak with Dr. Simon Bennett, who will ensure that your telescope comes with the most suitable mount and accessory set. Contact Dr. Simon Bennett today on 01353 776 199 to learn more and experience our customer-focused approach to Astronomy.