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A Spectrograph is an instrument that separates light into a frequency spectrum and records the signal using a camera. Spectrographs are used to measure the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, which radiates from stars and other hot celestial objects. Spectroscopy can be used to derive many properties of distant stars and galaxies, such as their chemical composition, temperature, density, mass, distance, luminosity, relative motion, etc. 

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Starlight Xpress Spectrograph

Starlight Xpress Spectrograph£2,445.00

Baader DADOS Slit-Spektrograph

Baader DADOS Slit-Spektrograph£1,799.00

Including 200 line grating and basic accessories

DADOS Blaze Reflection Grating 900 lines/mm

DADOS Blaze Reflection Grating 900 lines/mm£185.00

DADOS Mounting Rings

DADOS Mounting Rings£72.00

DADOS Transport-Case

DADOS Transport-Case£69.00

DADOS 11/4'' 10 mm Guiding Eyepiece

DADOS 11/4" 10 mm Guiding Eyepiece£29.00

DADOS 11/4'' 20mm Positioning Eyepiece

DADOS 11/4" 20mm Positioning Eyepiece£29.00

DADOS Calibration Lamp

DADOS Calibration Lamp£28.00

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