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Beam Splitters

Taking 3D photographs is really rather simple. All that is required is two slightly different views of the same subject and then a viewer to see the 3D. Such viewers are the Pinsharp and Viewmagic in our 3D Viewers section. Problems start though when the subject is moving. The Loreo BeamSplitter solves this by replacing the lens on the front of your camera. Fittings available are Nikon, Canon EOS, Pentax K and Olympus OM.

The Loreo BeamSplitter consists of a pair of mirror systems to provide the split and two 28mm lenses. The actual 3D pairs are produced side by side and can be viewed as prints using a Loreo Print Viewer or by splitting the frames as slides using the Pinsharp Viewer.

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Loreo 3D Beam Splitter for SLR Cameras

Loreo 3D Beam Splitter for SLR Cameras£99.99

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