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Ca-K Solar Telescopes and Modules

Unlocking Solar Secrets: Exploring the Sun's Intriguing Phenomena in Calcium-K Wavelength

Ca-K Solar Telescopes and Modules Ca-K ImageThe Sun will show many interesting events not only in H-alpha but also in the wavelength of Calcium-K. Because deeper layers of the solar surface are observed in the blue Calcium-K light than in the red H-alpha light, other details emerge in this Ca-K wavelength.

Yet, the Calcium-K wavelength is at the edge of the visible light spectrum for human eyes. Observers in their younger years can often see numerous things, but with increasing age less and less can be seen in this wavelength. However, all details could be captured photographically.

Ca-K telescopes and modules from Lunt Solar Systems are optimized primarily for photography.

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Ca-K Module with B600 BLocking Filter for 2'' Focuser
Ca-K Module with B600 BLocking Filter for 2" Focuser

Calcium-K module, for using normal astronomical telescopes up to 100mm aperture and up to 540mm focal length as Ca-K solar telescopes.

DayStar Calcium H-Line Quark
DayStar Calcium H-Line Quark

The Calcium Quark brings quick, easy fun of the Original Quark to Calcium H-Line.

LUNT CaKMDs2 Ca-K Filter in Extension Tube
From  £2,262.00
Lunt T2 to 2'' Eyepiece Adapter
Lunt T2 to 2" Eyepiece Adapter

The Lunt T2 to 2" eyepiece adapter is used to connect 2" eyepieces to Lunt Solar Systems telescopes and filters.