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Pelmet De-Luxe Pull Down

Pelmet De-Luxe - spring loaded - Superior sturdy models of audiovisual quality! Wall or Ceiling Mounted Screens.

A permanently mounted screen means that the screen is always ready to be used, just a quick pull on the cord and the screen is lowered. A second pull will roll the screen up into it's case. 'L' shape brackets on either end of the case will mount the screen to the wall or ceiling as needed. The cases are a neutral off white with black ends. They are of all metal construction and so are very durable. The screen material is a matt white offering good all round viewing angles and it is fibre glass backed for stiffness when in position. This means that the screen always looks nice and flat.

MOUNTING BRACKETS ARE SUPPLIED FITTED - at either end of the end of the SCREEN CANISTER and are drilled with both a keyhole shape and a normal fixing hole which allows quick and easy mounting either against a wall, or upwards to a ceiling using relatively simple home tools. 

N.B. Casing design may marginally vary from time to time depending upon canister material availability; however this will in no way affect the functionality of the product.These screens are all fully retracting, spring loaded and fitted with pull cord.  A full range is available, ask for the size that you require either by calling us 01353776199 or emailing at elena@widescreen-centre.co.uk