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New Product Announcements

New Celestron Telescopes are available now!

New Celestron  Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25 HD with Starsense and StarSense Explorer 8" and 10" Dobsonian Telescopes are available now!  Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD optical tube provides superb visual and astro-imaging performance, free of coma and field curvature. Built-in WiFi and rechargeable lithium-iron phosphate battery and supplied with StarSense AutoAlign. 

New William Optics RedCat 71 APO Astrograph Telescopes are in stock now!

This is a larger aperture and the same fast f/4.9 relative of the highly successful RedCat 51 model but is still small and light.  The RedCat71 telescope has an aperture of 71mm and focal length of 348mm (f/4.9) and uses a Petzval optical design which provides a flat 45mm image circle without any additional flattener meaning it can be used with sensors up to full-frame size.

New and in stock, the DayStar Solar Scout 60mm!

New and in stock, the DayStar Solar Scout 60mm. A dedicated 60mm Carbon Fibre H-Alpha telescope, including a hard case as well as 2 pairs of solar glasses, all for £1,299! Available to see in our Sutton showroom!

Clearly a winner in the making, this superb package is based on the highly popular Quark, and a great design feature is that the 'Quark' section is interchangeable, meaning it can be adapted for CaH and Na Quarks too!