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Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2''
Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2''
Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2''

Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2"

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The Antlia Triband RGB Ultra filter is designed for light pollution suppression for OSC and Mono cameras. The spectral design selected the most substantial information in the RGB bands, that enables the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter to shoot over 90% of deep sky objects. In addition to its excellent performance on emission nebula, what makes it different from other ultra-narrowband filters  is the ability to capture galaxies, reflection nebulae, and star clusters from a Bortle 8 location to Bortle 1 while presenting more balanced RGB colours in your images. Also, it has a broad bandpass designed to cope with faster optics up to f/2 focal ratio.

The quantum efficiency of the B channel in current CMOS sensors is often significantly lower than that of R and G channels. The Antlia team was able to design a filter with a more realistic colour balance for astrophotography from light polluted locations. The problem with the low blue wavelength efficiency becomes apparent when imaging reflection nebulae and blue stars. In CMOS sensors, the blue wavelengths also contain contribution from the stronger green spectrum, thereby affecting the balance of the blue colours. Many popular imaging objects contain reflection nebula with faint blue hues such the central part of NGC2264. Therefore, we designed  the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter to not only retain the HSO emission signal but  to also increase the amount of Luminous flux of the blue B channel. By improving the blue wavelength transmission, the colours in the photo are better balanced and easier to manage in post processing.

Application and Performance:

  • Designed to shoot galaxies, reflection nebulae and star clusters.
  • Refined coating process makes the Triband RGB Ultra filters with excellent halo suppression and improved signal-to-noise performance.
  • It has been specifically designed for balanced color transmission using Antlia's experience in spectrum design.
  • The balanced transmission allows the minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as stars, galaxies, and globular clusters.
  • The Triband RGB Ultra can be used with nearly all systems as fast as f/2 with minimal loss of efficiency or shifts in spectral response.
  • When shooting LRGB with mono cameras, unless you are wanting to image LDN (dark nebulae) the Triband RGB Ultra can be used as a luminance filter replacement for objects such as nebulae and galaxies to improve contrast and signal to noise ratio.
  • The Triband RGB Ultra is able to better isolate the H-alpha, O3 and blue spectrum from the background light pollution.
  • For visual use, Triband RGB Ultra filter ensures the high transmittance of the HSO emission line and can be used for observing deep-sky objects with large-diameter telescopes.
  • The filter provides excellent flexibility and compatibility with both OSC (colour) and Mono camera systems.
  • It facilitates the imaging of most astronomical objects using all optical configurations down to f/2 focal ratio.

Filter Cell (specifications for cell mounted filters only):

  • 2” (M48*0.75)
  • Ultra-thin filter cell to minimize vignetting by maximizing possible clear aperture
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Non-Fading Laser Engraving

Available Sizes:

  • Mounted: 2” (2mm thickness)

Not Recommended:

  • Solar Observing and imaging
  • Visual observation

Serious eye damage will result if you fail to observe the warning.



Specifications: Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2"









  495.9nm, 500.7nm  


Peak Transmission






≥OD4@ 300-1100nm

Filter Thickness





What's in the Box

What's in the Box: Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2"

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