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Askar FMA F135 f/4.5 Astrograph Sextuplet APO Refractor Telescope

Askar FMA F135 f/4.5 Astrograph Sextuplet APO Refractor Telescope
 Askar FMA F135 f/4.5 Astrograph Sextuplet APO Refractor TelescopeAskar FMA F135 f/4.5 Astrograph Sextuplet APO Refractor Telescope 
Price:  £289.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Product Code:  ASKR-FMA135
Brand:  Askar
Telescope Type:  Astrograph
Aperture (mm):  30 mm



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ASKAR FMA F135 f/4.5 Astrograph Telephoto Camera Lens - Triplet/Sextuplet APO Refractor Telescope / Guidescope / Finderscope

The ASKAR FMA135 objective lens features a triplet air-spaced APO design at the front plus a three element flattener at the back that allows superb flatfield photography with cameras with a sensor size up to APS-C size. The front triplet part includes an ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, providing excellent correction of chromatic aberration, which lays the foundation for high quality astrophotography and observation. 

The FMA135 comes with an adapter that makes it possible to use a 1.25" standard astronomy filter to be used at the front end of the astrograph and the standard configuration also includes a tube ring with a finder base. The tube ring slides onto the field flattener part of the setup as seen on the below image.

At the back end of it there is a standard M42×0.75 male thread (T2-thread or T-thread), so that you can connect most DSLRs, compact system cameras or specialist astronomy cameras.

DSLRs would usually require a camera specific T-ring. Many astro photo cameras would come with the necessary adapters, but we'd recommend to either contact the camera manufacturer or contact us if you are not sure if you have all the required adapters. 

The FMA135 also comes with a 1.25" visual back for the attachment of an eyepiece or a guiding camera. A high-quality helical focuser helps to achieve focus and there is a small thumbscrew to lock it in position once focus is achieved. This latter feature is mainly used for astrophotography, but also useful if you use it as a guidescope. 

We hope that the ingenious optical design of the FMA135 will offer you a superb imaging and visual experience.


Aperture: 30mm
Focal Length: 135mm (with or without flattener, i.e. the flattener is a non-magnifying flattener)
Focal Ratio: f/4.5 (with or without the flattener, as above)
Objective type: Air-spaced APO triplet (including ED glass element or Sextuplet refractor for astrophotography up to APS-C sensor size)
Overall length: 113mm (photographic mode with flattener)
Weight: 280g
Rear-end adapter type:  M42x0.75mm thread (for imaging) or 1.25" visual back (for visual observations)
Package content: FMA135 (one set). tube ring (one piece), 1.25" visual back (one piece), screws (3 + 2 pieces), instruction manual (one piece)

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