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New William Optics RedCat 71 APO Astrograph Telescopes are in stock now!

New William Optics RedCat 71 APO Astrograph Telescopes are in stock now !! 

This is a larger aperture and the same fast f/4.9 relative of the highly successful RedCat 51 model but is still small and light. The RedCat71 telescope has an aperture of 71mm and focal length of 348mm (f/4.9) and uses a Petzval optical design which provides a flat 45mm image circle without any additional flattener meaning it can be used with sensors up to full-frame size. The telescope features a helical focuser, camera angle rotator and tilt adaptor and comes with tube rings, dovetail bar, saddle handlebar (for e.g. guidescope), their patented Bahtinov Mask and soft carry bag. 

The telescope's short 348mm focal length combined with some of the current cooled CMOS imaging cameras is ideal for capturing large celestial objects. To give you an idea of the field of view you will get on the sky with the RedCat 71 we have overlaid the view with an APS-C and a Full-frame camera on two popular deep sky objects  - NGC7000 (North American Nebula) and the great Orion nebulae M42. 

The telescope OTA itself weighs 2.8kg (6.2lbs) and with the supplied tube rings, dovetail and saddle the weight is still low at 3.7kg (8.2lbs). This makes it an ideal grab and go imaging telescope.

To find out more about this telescope and to order yours see it on our website here