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Large Solarscope for Solar Observing

Large Solarscope for Solar Observing

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Solarscope Easy to use 

  • very simple to align
  • easy observation 
  • robust

What can be observed : 

  • Sun spots 
  • Transits (Mercury, Venus) 
  • Eclipses (Moon)


What can be measured : 

  • earth rotation speed 
  • day duration 
  • true local noon 
  • earth poles axis inclination 
  • sun rotation speed 
  • latitude of the observation spot 
  • earth orbit ellipticity 
  • astronomical Unit (AU)

What does it stand for? : 

  • telescopes and binoculars associated to an observation screen

The Solarscope is : 

  • easier to adjust 
  • more robust 
  • has a larger field of view
  • eye safe 
  • less expensive

How to use:

1. Set Solarscope facing the sun.

2. Tilt in order to suppress the shadow of the tube.

3. Watch where the beam is hitting the mount of the mirror.

4. Tilt Solarscope in order to get the beam hitting the mirror.

5. Clear the image turning the knob of the mirror.


  • Basis and upper rotary parts : Color printed labeled cardboard 
  • Lens and mirror : glass.
  • Mechanical mounts : plastic (ABS) and aluminium .

Dimensions (Education Version):

  • Package size : 650 x 480 x 65 mm
  • Assembled tool size : 600 x 450 x 380 mm
  • Weight : 1000 g (1300 g with packaging)

Optical characteristics:

  • Optical specifications : focal length : Education: 13 m, image quality better than one lambda (wavefront)
  • Optical aperture : 40 mm
  • Sun's image size on the projection screen : diameter Education: 115 mm (about)
  • Observation screen size : Education: 340 x 340 mm 

Ocular safety: 
Solarscope is designed to be eye safe.

Sold with assembly instructions, folded in a table game-sized box. Mirror and lens are delivered already sticked and positioned in mounting. Mechanical mounting will be placed and screwed on to the cardboard setting.

Two school workshops are download free to give you an overview of the exercices:

  • Solar day measurement (Primary School) download
  • Astronomical Unit (Advanced) - download

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