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nPAE Rotating Eyepiece Turret

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The nPAE 6061 Turret is nPAE’s mid range eyepiece turret. Set up your eyepieces, cameras, spectrometers, etc when you first start your nights viewings then all you need to do is spin the turret and you can quickly switch between them.

Box Contents:

  • 6061 Mid range 6 position (3 x 2″ and 3 x 1.25″) rotating eyepiece turret
  • 1 x 2″ dust cap
  • 1 x 1.25″ dust cap
  • 3 x 2″ magnetic filter holders
  • Zygo report
  • Instructions
  • Cerberus case

Alpha Lyrae Review:
“The first impressions of the 6061 Turret do not disappoint, appearing to be a very serious piece of engineering and wonderfully finished with red anodising which provides additional resistance corrosion and wear, an important consideration for the rather damp UK. […] The engineering quality is also found below the surface where rare-earth magnets are used to hold the turret in place and a large Teflon bearing ensures smooth rotation of the turret as well unit longevity.  At the centre of the turret is a BK7 1/10th wave elliptical mirror.”

“Normally, the time taken to switch eyepieces means the that window of tranquillity passes an observer by, but being able to alter the power in mere seconds means you are always ready to benefit. […] because of it, I have had some of the best planetary views ever from the UK.”

“When the time came to cease using the turret, I actually felt my heart sink the first time I went to switch eyepieces. Perhaps it had made me a little lzy, but the first thought that passed through my mind was do I really need to swap? It actually stopped me in my tracks. This was the moment when I realised that not only did the turret really compliment my style of observing, but I actually missed it as well”

“After some initial trepidation about hanging expensive eyepieces upside down and some scepticism about the accuracy of the rotation mechanism, which all my testing demonstrated were unfounded concerns thanks to some thoughtful design and good engineering, I found it really complimented my observing style, was a pleasure to use, and offered additional benefits with my long and heavy scopes”

“I am hopeful to move from my central London home to a more rural location in the next 12 to 18 months, and with that move comes the intention to build an observatory for my 180mm triplet. When I do, I expect I will add the nPAE medium turret to my permanent observing set up.”

Astronomy Now Review:
“First appearances are certainly impressive. Cut from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, the cage is bathed in a luscious red livery, nicely offset with the silvered nameplate and dark sextet of eyepiece turrets.”

“The turret nosepiece evidences a brilliant idea – a dedicated slot for 2” filters, whereby a single filter placement can serve all the components attached to the turret. It’s a completely mix-and-match facility. The turret’s six portals offer three 2” and three 1.25” fittings, with plenty of intervening space enabling the attachment of eyepieces of all shapes and sizes, and even a camera or two.”

“Despite the cavernous space within the turret, I could see no evidence of offaxis daylight bleeding into the image. The entire field itself was clean and focused, indicating a finely honed right-angled mirror.”

“The turret turns very smoothly indeed; there is no resistance that might impart a motion of misalignment to the telescope itself. When it arrives at an eyepiece position, you can feel the gentlest of engagements as the mechanism reaches its next position.”

“The turret’s 180° silky turn had imparted nothing but a new magnification. Lovely.”

“Optically, I was completely unconscious of using anything other than a high-quality star diagonal, save for the multifaceted arsenal at my immediate disposal – with just a turn of the turret. This is a nicely engineered facility that will save time and effort that can instead be poured into the act of observation, which is what it is all about.”

Designed with people who like to demonstrate astronomy to groups, Universities and back garden observers in mind it’s like a filter wheel but for eyepieces. This makes changing to a different magnification, camera or other optical accessory simpler and quicker.

Cut using 5-axis CNC milling from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061 aluminium this turret will hold 3 x 1.25″ eyepieces and 3 x 2″ eyepieces using nPAE designed and built parfocal Maia locks. The 1/10th wave (before coating) mirror diagonal ensures great optical performance.

Close up of the 2 inch Maia

Close up of the 1.25 inch Maia

With a slot at the nose for a single 2 inch filter you can apply the filter to all your accessories and if you need to switch it out during the night you need only lift it free and replace it.

The turret comes with 3 filter holders, additional holders are available. It also comes with 2 Aluminium dust caps to keep light at bay when you don’t fully populate the turret.

1.25inch dust cap in our turret

2inch dust cap in our turret

The turret is shipped inside a sturdy Cerberus carry case to aid in your transportation. Instruction Manual can be found here


Specifications: nPAE Rotating Eyepiece Turret

What's in the Box

What's in the Box: nPAE Rotating Eyepiece Turret

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