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Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece
Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece
Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece
Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece
Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece

Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece

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Expected end of 4th quarter 2024! 
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Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece

Expected end of 4th quarter 2024! Pricing to be announced soon!

Introducing SmartEye: The World’s First Smart Eyepiece for Telescopes

Experience the future of stargazing with SmartEye – where the best of both worlds collide:

Seamlessly blending the visual experience of traditional eyepiece observation with the unmatched light-gathering capabilities of cutting-edge sensor technology, SmartEye delivers an unparalleled viewing experience.

By harnessing the power of its innovative display, you’re not just peering into the cosmos – you’re immersing yourself in it. Say farewell to dim views and limited perspectives. With SmartEye , every gaze is infused with the brilliance of a thousand stars, thanks to its ability to collect light like never before.

Don’t settle for ordinary observation – elevate your stargazing adventure with SmartEye and unlock the boundless wonders of the universe in stunning clarity.


Redefine Aperture

Simple Operation

SkySafari Integration

The SmartEye enhances the view seen through any small telescope, delivering vibrant color images that transport you beyond the limits of traditional eyepiece viewing.

The ultra high resolution display at the top of the eyepiece becomes your personal portal to the universe, giving you the sensation of floating in space.

With its cutting-edge image enhancement technology, SmartEye provides the experience of gazing through a much larger telescope and revealing breathtaking detail in every observation.

Thanks to Its low-light sensitivity sensor, SmartEye continously collect photons, dynamically improving the view of celestial objects over time. Additionally the image displayed in the eyepiece can also be viewed on your smartphone.

Bid farewell to the complexities of astroimaging and embrace a user – friendly experience that ensures astronomers of all levels, from beginners to expert, can unlock the mysteries of the night sky!

Seamlessly connect with the award-winning SkySafari mobile application to access additional features and delve into a wealth of knowledge about the universe.

SmartEye doubles as a versatile astro-camera, capable of capturing and storing raw astronomical files for later computer processing. Transition effortlessly from live viewing to preserving celestial moments with ease.

Redefining Stargazing

Transform Your Small Telescope with SmartEye

With SmartEye, observers can elevate their stargazing experience by seamlessly transforming their small telescopes into powerful instruments rivaling much larger ones. By integrating an imaging sensor, SmartEye enhances light-gathering capabilities, unveiling vibrant details of distant galaxies and nebulae that were previously inaccessible with smaller telescopes. This revolutionary device redefines the boundaries of observation, enabling enthusiasts to explore the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and ignite their passion for astronomy.

Defy Light Pollution and Observe from Anywhere with SmartEye

SmartEye’s revolutionary technology transforms any telescope into a powerful instrument capable of piercing through urban glare. With its specialized sensor and immersive look-through display, SmartEye captures high-resolution images of celestial objects, providing real-time views of distant wonders that would otherwise remain obscured. Versatile and user-friendly, SmartEye empowers enthusiasts to capture and share the beauty of the cosmos, inspiring a new generation of stargazers to defy the limits of light pollution and embrace the splendor of the universe.

The Night Sky is Accessible to All with SmartEye

Unlock the wonders of the cosmos for everyone, including those with visual impairments, with SmartEye. This groundbreaking technology empowers individuals to transcend limitations and explore the universe with ease. By transforming any telescope into an accessible gateway to the stars, SmartEye captures bright and clear high-resolution images of celestial wonders and presents them on a look-through display in real-time. With vivid clarity, SmartEye enables users to marvel at the beauty of the night sky like never before. Experience the joy of stargazing and inspire others to reach for the stars with SmartEye, making astronomy accessible to all.

Imaging Simplified with SmartEye

Say farewell to complex imaging setups and welcome the simplicity of SmartEye’s intuitive design and user experience. Insert SmartEye in the focuser and your telescope becomes a portal to celestial marvels, thanks to SmartEye’s seamless live stacking technology and advanced astro-camera imaging capabilities. From capturing breathtaking images to sharing the wonders of the cosmos effortlessly, SmartEye empowers enthusiasts of every level to delve into the celestial realm with confidence and joy. Embrace the benefits of imaging made simple with SmartEye, and let your cosmic exploration begin anew.

Bring Astronomy Outreach and Education to Everyone with SmartEye

Transform astronomy outreach and education with SmartEye, the ultimate tool for engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Designed to enhance the viewing experience of looking through a telescope, SmartEye combines the intimacy of traditional eyepieces with the light gathering power of imaging sensors. Within just a few seconds, you can view incredible detailed views of celestial objects and identify what you are looking at. Take your audience on an unforgettable journey and create cherished memories as you share the wonders of the universe. With SmartEye, every night becomes an enchanting adventure, and every image a masterpiece.

Seamlessly Switch Between SmartEye and a Traditional Eyepiece

SmartEye can be thought of as a hybrid device that seamlessly bridges the realms of modern imaging and traditional astronomy. With its advanced light-sensitive image sensor, SmartEye effortlessly transitions between Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) and traditional eyepiece observing, offering users unparalleled versatility in their stargazing experiences. SmartEye slots into your telescope focuser, just like a regular optical eyepiece. For more advanced imagers, SmartEye is also a versatile astro-camera capable of capturing long-exposures and storing raw astronomical files for later computer processing.

Picture this: With SmartEye, you have the power to effortlessly switch between the immersive digital world of imaging and the timeless charm of traditional optical eyepieces. Whether you’re seeking enhanced detail and clarity through digital imaging or craving the authentic hands-on feel of traditional observation, SmartEye empowers you to explore the cosmos on your terms.

Standalone Eyepiece or AstroCamera

Thanks to its low-light sensitivity sensor, SmartEye continuously collects photons, dynamically improving the view of celestial objects over time. Additionally, the image displayed in the eyepiece can also be viewed on your smartphone.

SmartEye doubles as a versatile astro-camera, capable of capturing and storing raw astronomical files (FITS) for later computer processing. Transition effortlessly from live viewing to preserving celestial moments with ease.

What problems does Smarteye Solve

SmartEye serves as a revolutionary solution to a myriad of challenges faced by amateur astronomers and enthusiasts alike:

  • Disappointment with Faint, Dim Images: Looking through a small telescope can often leave new observers underwhelmed with faint, indistinct views lacking in detail. SmartEye addresses this disappointment by delivering crisp, vibrant images that align with newcomers’ expectations, sparking excitement and engagement with the cosmos from the very first glance.
  • Simplifying Complex Imaging Setups: Traditional imaging setups can be complex and daunting for beginners. SmartEye streamlines the imaging process, offering a hassle-free solution for capturing breathtaking celestial images without the need for intricate setups or extensive technical knowledge.
  • Combatting Light Pollution: Light pollution poses a significant obstacle to stargazers, obscuring celestial objects and diminishing the clarity of observation. SmartEye’s advanced technology enables users to mitigate the effects of light pollution, unlocking clear views of the night sky even from urban environments.
  • Accessibility: By simplifying the observing process and providing user-friendly features, SmartEye makes astronomy accessible to a broader audience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner, SmartEye empowers everyone to explore the wonders of the universe effortlessly.
  • Identification and Sharing: SmartEye eliminates the guesswork of “What am I looking at?” with its intuitive interface and comprehensive database of celestial objects. Additionally, its seamless sharing capabilities enable users to effortlessly share their celestial discoveries with friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and collaboration in astronomy outreach efforts.
  • Astronomy Outreach: SmartEye revolutionizes astronomy outreach initiatives by providing a user-friendly tool for engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. With its ability to deliver stunning views of celestial objects in real-time, SmartEye becomes a powerful tool for inspiring curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation for the universe.

What do I get?

  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: SmartEye transforms your small telescope into a much powerful instrument, providing vivid and detailed views of celestial objects that were previously obscured or difficult to observe with traditional eyepieces.
  • Simplified Operation: With its familiar design and user-friendly interface, SmartEye makes stargazing accessible to enthusiasts of all levels, eliminating the complexities often associated with traditional imaging setups.
  • Real-time Imaging: Experience the thrill of live stacking technology, allowing you to capture and view celestial wonders in real-time, immersing yourself in the beauty of the cosmos.
  • Versatile Functionality: From identifying stars and celestial objects to annotating views with augmented reality, SmartEye offers a range of features that enhance your understanding and appreciation of the universe.
  • Seamless Sharing: Share your astronomical discoveries effortlessly with friends, family, and the wider community through social media integration, inspiring others to explore the wonders of the night sky alongside you.

Specifications: Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece

  • Sony IMX533 Color CMOS sensor, offering high-resolution imaging capabilities.
  • Ultra High Definition Display for crisp and clear visualization of objects.
  • Wide 90° field of view, providing expansive coverage for detailed observation.
  • Diopter adjustment range from +1D to -5D, catering to various visual acuity needs.
  • Dual-band WiFi support (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ac).
  • Integrated SD Card Reader for convenient local storage of captured images.
  • USB-C Power-in port for versatile power supply options.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


When will SmartEye be available for purchase?
SmartEye is scheduled to be available in late 2024.

How much will SmartEye cost?
The approximate suggested retail price for SmartEye will be $1,500 USD.

Do I need a motorized telescope mount to use SmartEye?
For the optimal experience, we strongly advise using an Equatorial or Alt/Az mount equipped with motorized tracking. However, on brighter objects such as the Moon, tracking may not be necessary.

What types of telescopes is SmartEye compatible with?
SmartEye is compatible with all telescopes equipped with a 2” focuser.  For best results we recommend telescopes with an f/7 or lower focal ratio. For longer focal length telescopes, such as Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCTs), a focal reducer can be used to achieve this ratio.

Is SmartEye considered an EAA device or an Astro-Camera?
SmartEye functions as both. It serves as an Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) device, allowing for live stacking with minimal processing for near-real-time observation of celestial objects. Additionally, it can be utilized as an astro camera, enabling users to capture long exposures for later processing.

Is the field of view in SmartEye round, resembling a traditional eyepiece despite the square imaging sensor chip?
Yes, the view through SmartEye is round to replicate the experience of a real eyepiece.

What is the resolution of the SmartEye display screen?
The screen resolution is 2560×2560.

Is the resolution high enough to prevent pixelation?
Absolutely. The SmartEye utilizes OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) technology, meeting a remarkable resolution of 3500 ppi (iPhone 15 Pro screen is 460 ppi for comparison).

Does the SmartEye come with a power supply, or do users need to provide their own?
The SmartEye can be powered using your own USB-C power bank. Additionally, we may offer a dedicated power supply as an accessory. Max Power 5V / 2.0A.

Can images be saved and stored in SmartEye?
Absolutely. SmartEye offers multiple storage options for captured images. Users can save images directly to SmartEye's internal storage, which boasts a capacity of 16 GB. Additionally, SmartEye features an integrated SD Card Reader, allowing for convenient local storage and transfer of images. Furthermore, users have the option to send images to SkySafari, where they can be displayed in a gallery for effortless browsing and sharing. Additionally, SkySafari enables users to superimpose images on its sky chart, enhancing the overall observing experience.

What range of exposures can SmartEye handle?
SmartEye can accommodate exposures of any desired length, offering flexibility to capture both short and long exposures.

Is the brightness of the SmartEye screen adjustable?
Yes, users can adjust the brightness of the screen to their preference. Max brightness is 1800 nits with a contrast ratio of 500,000:1.

How is SmartEye controlled and how do you access its settings?
SmartEye is a standalone device that can operate independently using its physical menu buttons, allowing adjustment of settings such as brightness, contrast, exposure time and more. The settings menu is seamlessly superimposed on the digital display for easy navigation and control.

Moreover, when connected to the SkySafari app, you have access to additional SmartEye settings and functionalities for enhanced customization.

What is the field of view for SmartEye?
SmartEye offers a wide 90° field of view, ensuring expansive coverage for detailed observation. With 12mm eye relief, it provides comfortable viewing experiences. This field of view is approximately equivalent to that of a 20mm eyepiece, making it ideal for capturing extensive celestial vistas.

Can you use nebula filters with SmartEye?
Certainly. SmartEye features a 2” threaded barrel that supports 2” nebula filters, allowing users to tailor their observations to specific astronomical targets with ease.

Is SmartEye passively or actively cooled?
Currently, SmartEye employs passive cooling. However, we are actively exploring solutions for active Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) that align with our power requirements to further enhance performance.

Can you zoom in/out on objects in the SmartEye display?
Yes, SmartEye facilitates zooming in and out on objects displayed on its screen through its intuitive menu system, providing users with detailed views of celestial objects.

Does SmartEye connect and send small corrections to my telescope mount to keep objects centered?
We have plans to integrate support for autoguiding mounts through SmartEye, enabling it to connect and send small corrections to your telescope mount to ensure precise tracking and keep objects centered during observations.

How does SmartEye enhance the views of celestial objects?
SmartEye incorporates a low-light sensitivity imaging sensor, specifically the Sony IMX533 Color sensor. This sensor continuously gathers photons, dynamically enhancing the view of celestial objects over time. In just a few seconds, SmartEye reveals objects with remarkable detail and clarity, surpassing the capabilities of traditional telescopes. The immersive high-resolution display further elevates the observing experience by placing the viewer's eye in close proximity to the celestial object, offering a distinct viewing encounter compared to looking at a phone or tablet screen.

Additionally, SmartEye serves as a versatile astro-camera, capable of capturing and storing raw astronomical files (FITS) for subsequent computer processing, thereby catering to the needs of both near real-time  observation (EAA) and long-term data acquisition for later computer processing.

Do I need a computer to use SmartEye?
No.  SmartEye is a standalone device with an integrated display, computer, and imaging sensor. Think of it as a plug-and-play solution.

Can I broadcast the view through SmartEye to my phone, tablet, or TV?
Yes. SmartEye offers the capability to stream the view to compatible phones, tablets, and TVs, providing users with a versatile range of viewing options and enabling convenient group sharing experiences.

Why does SmartEye have a display? Can't you just view the image on your phone?
SmartEye tries to maintain the personal connection between an observer and their telescope. The inclusion of a display enhances this connection and the feeling of looking through an eyepiece. 

Looking through the display offers a unique experience that must be seen to be truly appreciated. Thanks to its high contrast ratio, resolution, pixel density, and dynamic range, objects appear almost three-dimensional, providing an unparalleled viewing experience. This level of immersion and connection would not be achievable solely through viewing on a phone or other external device.

Does SmartEye replace visual observation? I like observing directly with my own eyes.
Our goal is not to replace visual observation; on the contrary, in the age of smart telescopes, we want to help preserve the essential connection between the observer, their telescope of choice, and the night sky.

Therefore, SmartEye is designed to complement, not replace, visual observation. With SmartEye, you have the flexibility to switch between using your regular optical eyepieces and your SmartEye eyepiece. For instance, you could utilize SmartEye to confirm the location of a faint celestial object and then transition to your regular eyepiece to catch the photons with your own eyes.

Moreover, SmartEye offers a "Night Vision" mode, where the screen dims and turns red, helping to preserve your natural night vision as much as possible. Alternatively, you can view the image on your phone or tablet screen and apply night vision settings or use red cellophane film to further preserve your night vision.

Does SmartEye work out field rotation for images taken with Alt-Az mounts?
Yes, SmartEye will automatically align and rotate images (field derotation) before stacking.

Can SmartEye be controlled with third-party image capture software?
Yes! SmartEye can function as an astro camera and we plan to support industry standard camera interfaces to make it easier for third party astro-imaging applications to use it as a standard camera.

Can SmartEye be used in schools or for teaching astronomy?
Absolutely! SmartEye is an excellent tool for educational settings and outreach. We are planning on developing a comprehensive SmartEye curriculum, complete with engaging lessons and imaging activities tailored for educational use.

How does SmartEye achieve WiFi connectivity without a visible external antenna?
SmartEye features a compact flat patch antenna that is preinstalled within its design. This innovative antenna allows SmartEye to support dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi connectivity while maintaining a sleek and compact form factor. Despite being hidden, the flat patch antenna enables SmartEye to achieve high transfer rates and reliable reception, making it an ideal choice for wireless connectivity in a compact device.

What's in the Box

What's in the Box: Pegasus Astro SmartEye Electronic Eyepiece

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