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Pocket Universal Sundial

Pocket Universal Sundial
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Pocket Universal Sundial - 61 mm diameter true working model! Accurate to within 5 minutes any where around the globe!

Pocket Universal Sundial is made of solid brass and a delight to handle and use, this is a truly scientific instrument that has parentage dating way back to the early measuring devices of the Greek and Roman Empires. 

It folds flat when not in use, sits in the palm of your hand, tells you the time of day (and becomes a terrific talking point when you produce it with a flourish when asked for the time!).

It has latitude rings  -  with important cities also indicated  - monthly engravings, and can also be used as a model of the earth and as a compass....converts for either the Northern or Southern hemispheres. 

You could even wear it on a pocket chain as a decorative accoutrement. 

Supplied complete with full working instructions.

Step 1 - Setting the right latitude:
Move the small arrow on the hanger (2) attached to the cord on the outer ring (1) to the correct geographical latitude. The latitude chart (1a) will help you place the arrow to the correct position. Your sundial is preset to 47ø north.

Step 2 - Setting the correct date:
On the bridge (3), in the middle of your sundial, there is a black slider (4) which you must set to the correct date. The letters on it represent the 12 months of a year. To help you find the correct position, each month is split into three boxes (5) - beginning, middle and end.
Step 3 - Flip the inner ring by 90 degrees until you can not move it any further. You sundial is now ready to go!
Step 4 - Hold your sundial by cord and turn it slowly in the sunlight until a light beam passes through the small hole on the black slider onto the inner ring.
Step 5 - As soon as the beam of light meets the engraved line on the inner ring, you can read the exact time!

Attention! For use in the southern hemisphere: Set the latitude on the lower latitude chart (1b). There is no need to change the date setting!
The outer ring (1) is now positioned North/South. The inner ring (6) is parallel to the equator and the bridge (3) is parallel to the earth axis. Thus viewed, you not only have a sundial, but also a model of the earth and a compass.

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