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Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch Focusers

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Starlight Instruments 3.0'' FEATHERTOUCH Focuser for Esprit-120/150

Starlight Instruments 3.0" FEATHERTOUCH Focuser for Esprit-120/150£799.00

This top quality rack and pinion focuser from Starlight Instruments USA is a direct upgrade to the standard focuser supplied with the Sky-Watcher Esprit-120 and Esprit-150 Super Apo Triplet Refractors.

MKIT20-WL - Micro Touch Focusing System

MKIT20-WL - Micro Touch Focusing System£719.00

MKIT20 - Micro Touch Focusing System

MKIT20 - Micro Touch Focusing System£549.00

FTF1575BCR-DS - Feather Touch  Rotatable 1.25'' FOR LUNT 50

FTF1575BCR-DS - Feather Touch Rotatable 1.25" FOR LUNT 50£429.00   £349.00

MSM20 - Micro Touch Focusing System

MSM20 - Micro Touch Focusing System£289.00

SI-BAK - JUMBO Fine Focus Knob 2''

SI-BAK - JUMBO Fine Focus Knob 2"£49.00

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Page 1 of 2:    23 Items

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