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Tele Vue TV-NP127is Telescope

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Product Code
Telescope Type
Nagler-Petzval Refractor
Aperture (mm)
127 mm
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image...Based on exemplary wide field and planetary visual scopes with added features to make imaging easier and more flexible!

New, updated Tele Vue-NP127is.  Never ones to rest, Tele Vue took the opportunity to tweak the scope in small but meaningful ways.  Both the optical and mechanical designs have been revised to reduce atmospheric defocusing sensitivity (visually the difference is virtually indiscernible). The new lens prescription delivers smaller spot sizes over a broader wavelength range than previously, while a new stainless steel front cell helps provide better thermal stability in extreme climates.  Advanced multi-coatings are applied to maximize contrast and transmission.  Still the fastest in the industry, there is just no competitive comparison considering its f/5.2 speed and flat-field.

The instrument has also been mechanically updated from its longer captive dew shield to its new 10:1 focuser pinion assembly, made for Tele Vue by Starlight Instruments.  Along with an all new gloss black anodized metalwork treatment, the handsome new shapes of the dew shield and rear cell bring a refined elegance to this high performance APO refractor.

The non-vignetting focuser retains its 3" input and 2.4" output to reduce bulk and permits imaging across the largest commercially available CCD chips (52mm diagonal).  No need for a heavier, more cumbersome 3" focuser.  Every 2.4" focuser we make is tested to hold and drive a minimum of 6 lbs of weight in vertical orientation.

Except for a new Focusmate Driver attachment, all other Imaging System accessories fit as previously.

Concept: CCD cameras have challenged telescope optics beyond anything ever placed at the focal plane. I knew our APO objectives were up to the challenge, and with the proper tweaks would be extraordinary tools for the imager. With Tele Vue Imaging System ("is") telescopes, we have refined our instruments and optional equipment beyond anything a CCD chip has seen. (Reviewer Note.) We started small (literally) in 2005 with the Tele Vue-60is and available Digital Micrometer Kit. Achieving critical acclaim with the 60is, we were encouraged to further develop "is" telescopes and accessories to maximize aperture, real field coverage and performance, and to make the processes easier for the imager. - Al Nagler

TV - NP127is Imaging System Accessories:

Focal Path: Optical Accessories:

  • LCL-1069    Large Field Corrector, NP101/NP101is/NP127is
  • NPR-1073    0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes
  • AFT-1105    48-mm Filter Adapter for 2.4"
  • A2A-1107    2.4" Adapter for 2" Accessories          

Focal Path: Camera Adapters

  • TRG-1072    Standard T-Ring Adapter for 2.4"
  • CWT-2070    Canon Wide T Adapter w/Bayonet for 2.4"
  • STL-1071    SBIG STL Camera Adapter for 2.4"
  • AD2-1110    Apogee U47-D2 Camera Adapter for 2.4"          

Focal Path: Extension

  • TLF-0040    0.040" (1mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
  • TLG-0080    0.080" (2mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"          
  • TLA-0250    0.25" (6.4mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"          
  • TLB-0375    0.375" (9.5mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"          
  • TLC-0500    0.50" (12.7mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"          
  • TLD-1000    1.0" (25.4mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"         
  • TLS-1121    Set of 2 (TLF+ TLG) Accessory Tubes for 2.4"          
  • TLS-2245    Set of 6 Accessory Tubes for 2.4"                 

Mount Rings

  • MRS-5000    Mt. Rng Set for 5" dia. Tube (inc. BPL-1098) 

Focuser: Digital Indicator for "is" scopes

  • LMK-2404    10 Micron Indicator Kit for 2.4" focuser          
  • LMF-2405    1 Micron Fine Indicator Kit for 2.4" focuser          

Focuser: Fine Focus

  • FDF-2004    FocusmateDriver10:1         
  • FMU-2319    Focusmaster Computer Interface          
  • RSC-2320    Indicator to computer RS232 cable 10 ft.         



Specifications: Tele Vue TV-NP127is Telescope


  • Type  -  APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor (Elements/Groups: 4/2)
  • Objective (mm)  -  127
  • Focal Length (mm)  -  660
  • Focal Ratio (f/#)  -  5.2
  • Length OTA (inch)  -  33.5
  • Length with diagonal (inch)  -  36.5  (with 2-inch diagonal)
  • Weight OTA/Std. Config (lbs)  -  15.4 / 18.3
  • Drawtube/Focuser  -  2.4-inch, Focusmate dual-speed rack/pinion
  • Maximum Visual Field (deg.)  -  4 (with 2-inch 55mm Plossl)
  • Maximum Recommended Power (x)  -  300

Included Accessories:

  • TV - NP127is
  • Enlarged focuser with 3" entrance aperture and 2.4" exit aperture
  • Focuser body has brass clamp ring with 2-lock knobs
  • Accessory end-ring with tilt capability and 4-lock knobs
  • Imaging insert threaded for Imaging System components.
  • 2" accessory insert for visual or other 2" accessories
  • Focusmate dual-speed focuser 10:1
  • Sliding metal dew shield
  • Screw-on metal lens cover
  • Hard-shell carry case

NP127is Hard Case Specifications:

  • Custom fitted case fits TV-NP127is only.
  • Supports telescope by the tube, taking pressure off the front cell and focuser pinion.
  • Positive lock latches with locks.
  • Mount Rings, Digital Indicator, and Starbeam friendly.
  • Retaining mechanism holds case lid open at 90°­.
  • Foam cutouts for 2" diagonal, 3 x 2" eyepieces, & 1 x 1.25" eyepiece.
  • Approximate maximum exterior dimensions (excluding handle): 37 x 12.25 x 9-inches (94 x 32 x 23-cm).
  • Approximate empty weight: 12.4-lb (5.6-kg).

What's in the Box

What's in the Box: Tele Vue TV-NP127is Telescope

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