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David Levy's Guide to Variable Stars

David Levy's Guide to Variable Stars
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Variable stars are fascinating objects to observe; found all over the sky, they change in brightness over time and can be seen with even the most basic of equipment. Variable star astronomy is one field in which amateur astronomers can still make significant contributions to science and in this highly accessible book David Levy teaches the reader how variable stars work, and how to observe them. Using simple, non-technical terms he explains how to get started with electronic (or CCD) observing, as well as how to observe variable stars through a small telescope or binoculars. Including a section on Southern hemisphere stars, the book covers various types of object that can be observed by amateur astronomers, including more exotic phenomena like gamma ray bursts, blazars, and polars. This book will serve to motivate anyone with even a basic interest in astronomy to begin observing these fascinating objects.

  • Step by step guide to observing variable stars with a CCD camera
  • Aimed at the complete newcomer to variable stars
  • Written by a leading amateur astronomer

Table of Contents

Foreword to first edition
1. Getting to know the sky
2. Magnitude, color, and distance
3. A word on binoculars and telescopes
4. Learning to see
5. Getting to know the variables
6. Getting started with cepheids
7. Algol, the demon of autumn
8. How to estimate a variable
9. Names and records
10. How your observations help us understand a variable star
11. Observing hints
12. Observing with CCDs
13. Stately and wonderful
14. Stars of challenge
15. Bright, easy, and interesting
16. Betelgeuse: easy and hard
17. Not too regular
18. Nova? What nova?
19. Supernovae
20. Clyde Tombaugh's star and the family of cataclysmic variables
21. A Nova in reverse?
22. RU Lupi?
23. Orion, the star factory
24. Other variable things
25. The Sun
26. Suggested variables for observation throughout the year
27. January, February, March
28. April, May, June
29. July, August, September
30. October, November, December
31. Southern Sky notes
32. Stars and people
33. Hands-on astrophysics for the next generation
34. Going further
35. Glossary and abbreviations.

  • DATE PUBLISHED: December 2005
  • FORMAT: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780521608602
  • LENGTH: 276 pages
  • DIMENSIONS: 246 x 174 x 15 mm
  • WEIGHT: 0.559kg
  • CONTAINS: 104 b/w illus.

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